POST MONGERING: 12/28-12/31 (Part 1)


It’s in my driveway if you want to take the box.

Sure. Will you leave your keys in the car? It will make it easier to take open the car.

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I’ll lock them in the car for safety.

Okay. I’m not saying I have a crowbar but if I did, it would make getting in there pretty easy, too.

Want me to supply you with one?

Yes. Leave it in the car, too.

I’ll lock it in the trunk as well, and under the body bags.

Good plan. Just make sure the shovels and lye are in there, too.



Fine, I’ll just dump the bodies out in your yard before I leave.

There are currently no bodies in there.

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Good, that makes everything easier.

That would mean that I’m doing something nice for you.

I can’t do that.

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FINE. Put some bodies in the trunk so I can take them out before I leave.


Are you a cop?

So you’re a cop?

You’re saying that, yet at the same time, you expect me to try being nice to you.


You can be nice to people who aren’t cops. I’ve done it. You should try it.