Post Mongering 2/21/23 (Part 1)


Alright let’s see what cool things I can find in the bargain barn

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In honor of the number 2:


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Focus on the ground and the rest i’ll is a mix

“That’s different,” Oceanvine replied, turning herself over in order to tan her back, “Silverwind and Meadow have known and loathed each other cordially for years. The only reason Meadow didn’t call Silverwind a schachter is that Meadow is too polite to stoop to name calling.”

“What’s a shaktah?” Candle struggled over the harsh sounding and unfamiliar word.

“Just something the Orenta call us when we refer to them as elves,” Oceanvine informed him without bothering to translate the obscenity; the literal meaning would have sounded silly even if she had. “Now tell me about that treaty.”


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Run of the cost savings to help

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You can brush my hair, dress me everywhere

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On the