Post Mongering 2/21/23 (Part 2)


Snowflake shrugged as if to say, “Believe what you want.” Prompted by questions, she told Silverwind and Geraint that she knew none of the missing women, nor did she know anyone who claimed they did. Before she left, Silverwind slipped her a few silver coins that the bartender didn’t see. They spoke to the other five girls in the bar but only learned one more thing from them and that Geraint did not tell his friend about until they were walking drunkenly back toward the palace.

“I’ve always been a cheap drunk,” the merchant admitted, “but you used to hold your ale better. We only had a pitcher of the stuff.”

“Hmm?” Silverwind responded. “Oh, I was drinking whiskey at the Women’s Academy.”

The Goonies walking through the GRAVEYARD. Mikey LEADS them toward the “LIGHTHOUSE LOUNGE”. Suddenly, a LOUD CRACKING SOUND is heard. Like a FIRECRACKER. Followed by ANOTHER. And ANOTHER. The boys FREEZE. SCARED. LOOKING AROUND.




That sounded like gunshots. Not the big ones you hear in war movies, but real ones.



… )

“Lady Valma served you whiskey? That doesn’t sound likely.”

“I said that I drank whiskey. She served tea, and you know how I feel about tea. Just one step above water. Whale to the starboard,” Silverwind broke into song, “whale to the port… Why aren’t you singing?”

“Not appropriate. Did you notice the women we spoke to?”

“Hmm? Yeah, half of them were sort of trollish parodies of the elves, and the others…”

“That’s not what I meant. Did you notice their eyes?”

Tongue Goat GIF

Gunshots! Jeeeezzz – Chunk, turn off your brain. Somebody probably dropped a pot in the kitchen!


Sounds like a no to me


Hello earth

Mikey CONTINUES to move forward. The boys FOLLOW. They are now a little SHAKEN. Eyes DARTING back arid forth. A bit more cautious. They arrive at the front of the building.

I rarely get cake for my birthday.


Mouth peers through the filthy FRONT DOOR windows. Mikey and Data walk to the side of the building. They try to LOOK into the windows. TOO HIGH. The boys spot a PILE of discarded ORANGE CRATES. They stand the orange crates on end. Climbing up onto them.