Post Mongering 2/21/23 (Part 2)

“Thanks, old friend.”
They arrived at the palace a short while later, but before they could enter, one of the ceremonial guards at the gate handed Silverwind a message. The wizard thanked him and moved on inside before reading the note.
“Don’t bother taking off your cloak,” he told Geraint. “Another body has been found and I want to examine it before anyone has a chance to muck up the evidence.”

Inquiring minds and all that

Once the two figures disappear, the goonies WALK to the restaurant’s front door.


Post Mongering 6/22/22 (Part 1)

Chunk PUSHES the garage door! The door flies OPEN! The orange slanted rays of a late day sun hit the black OFF ROAD VEHICLE, igniting it, over forty bullet holes, and a shattered rear window. CHUNK ALMOST DROPS DEAD. He RUNS to tell the guys, but they are already ENTERING the restaurant.

Torture Garden Nurse GIF




The Goonies enter. Looking around. Everything is SILENT. DESERTED.



Chunk races inside and starts pulling at everybody’s clothing, trying to signal them with bizarre hand signs and wild descriptive gestures that make him look totally not of this earth. He finally gets out a FEW WORDS.