Post Mongering 2/21/23 (Part 3)

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Holy guac!

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Or not

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I don’t care how many times you post, or what you post. But don’t write a macro cuz that’s not cool



“Oh well. Where is the ‘young up-start’ anyway?”

“I’m right here,” Candle said from the doorway. “What did I do now?”

“I wasn’t talking about you, Candle,” Oceanvine explained and repeated her story about Wizard Bowsprit.

“Silverwind’s down with a fever,” Geraint told her when she had finished. “I’ve got the physician up looking at him now. Damned fool doesn’t know enough to bundle up if he’s going to go outside all day with a cold.”

“He usually just uses a spell to heat his clothing to keep him warm.”

“He must have forgotten today. Either that or he applied the spell to himself instead. In any case, he’s in his room and if I knew some way to keep a wizard confined, I’d use it now.”

I saw Jesus driving

I am so… ummm… impressed(?) by the way y’all can monger.



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“I know a way,” Oceanvine replied. “It’s all part of my thesis. I could make a selectively permeable ward that would pass anything but him.”

“He told me he’d found a way through any ward.”

“History. He still hasn’t figured out my alternating or random current wards, but let’s see if he behaves himself. He got sick winter before last and managed to stay in bed most of the time.”

“If you say so.” Geraint wasn’t convinced. “He was never that good when I worked with him.”

“Well, as I recall, there was no pressing research at the moment aside from the observation of a meteor shower and that was more my project than his.”