Post Mongering 8/18/22 (Part 2)

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339 from part 1 and 618 from part 2 (by the time we got to 35 weiners). I actually have no idea how many posts I’ve done in the past. But I was on a hot streak up until the last event. As I wasn’t able to participate at all… Mostly because I forgot.

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If you haven’t yet, head over here to play… but be sure to follow the rules. Max of 5 rolls only!

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Yes. I moved all the posts from the other thread to this one.

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Did I win? Am I a winner? I could really use a win…


was there ever a final decision on using Wootybot during mongering?

okay never mind I will meet you there

Did someone say there’d be coffee?

I will see at
the end of the tunnel

I’m back, just checking…

Surprised it’s still going

let’s move on to the top of the mountain

Still another post

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