Post Mongering 8/18/22 (Part 2)


I almost had back to back streaks. 5 wins and 5 loses. lol


Excited for my first post monger win. Can’t wait for the disappointment coming my way.


I was using non-breaking spaces

& n b s p ;

without the spaces in between

Still posts without having to display a wall of text.


Ooo. I think mold in the kitchen would be even worse than mold in the downstairs bedroom turned library. Probably lots more residual damage to properly eradicate.

And I’m lucky that mine is very dead. I’m 100% certain it came from the jacuzzi tub above that room leaking from the pipes within the wall, down the wall and sucked out by the carpet pad. This based on we tested and yes, it leaked. And there’s been zero leakage since ('cause we never used it again–and only used it twice anyways, excepting the test run)

With luck (ha!) the carpet pad will have pulled all the water out from the wall leaving no damage behind there. Meaning only the carpet pad sat wet long enough to develop mold. I hope.

That is a whole lotta water! Just how big is your swimming pool anyways? :smile_cat:


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I used the color code in white, wished the “rainbow” or “smartass” codes worked. smartass would be perfect for me. lolz

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I used to change the font size and color before but that doesn’t seem to work anymore. That or I’m messing up the syntax.

Continuing the discussion from Post Mongering 8/18/22 (Part 1):

@peaceetc Congrats!

James Franco Eye Roll GIF

here it is

Not at all, I just like figuring out how things work.

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The hot tub is 500 gallons, and if the house didn’t leak it would be 5 feet deep inside. I would be swimming in debt too. :laughing:

If you tried to time share would you have to then use WaterBNB instead of AirBNB? ba dum - pshhh

How’d you do that?


There must be some mistake.

I made less than 10 posts, and I didn’t win.


I didn’t get picked, so in actuality, I won.

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@ThunderThighs any chance we could get a cymbal emoji so we can use :drum: + that for a rimshot?


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red "hello world"
yellow "good bye"

Nope… that’s not it

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fonts are fun


reply to my comment below and then show my comment, you will see the code.

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You really are evil.

Does it have something to do with the preformatted text function?