Post pictures of your adorable pets!


Dracula (RIP - only had him a week :frowning: )

if yer really interested in knowing what breeds are in the mix, there are a couple of genetic tests available. I am ordering some for our office. I think we will charge the client about 110 bucks for the test (it costs us close to 90). We draw the blood and send it out. I have seen some result sheets from the test and they are really kinda interesting :slight_smile: I’m even gonna submit one on JoeyCockerSpaniel…he’s supposed to be a cocker, but his coat is so curly we all wonder if hes actually a cockapoo.

and maybe when I get back from vacation I will post some pics of my herd…all 12 of 'em :slight_smile:

saw that on the news last week. i’d get one for jasper, but i already know he’s full breed jerk


Post Pictures of your adorabel pets? Is there enough room for them all?

The p’s just left this morning to pick up 2 from the litter that was born 2 years ago. The breeder that bought them decided she didn’t want to breed them anymore and wanted to sell them, so were taking them back.

I’m interested, but not $100 interested. :slight_smile:

Here are mine all ready for Christmas (last year):

Fred -

Hercules -

Tiger -

Molly -

Do they leave molly alone, or is she in a room of her own most of the time?

Tigers’ food dish is on top of her cage (her cage is actually for a rabbit with smaller wire added to it so she can’t escape) and he tends to ignore her.

Hercules likes to put his paws up on the table and look at her, sometimes I put him on the table (it’s just for animals) and he sits there and stares like crazy. I don’t let her out too much (she does get lots of exercise on her wheel and such) because if I put her in her ball, Hercules will attack the ball and make her fling against things. It’s funny ONCE but I’m not mean to my animals so there is no way I could do that to her all the time.

Fred doesn’t show much if any interest in her at all, he will sniff her and give her a little kiss if I pick her up and show her to him though.

Now, Tiger and Hercules, they don’t get along too well, it’s better now, but it used to be really bad. Luckily for Hercs sake Tiger is front paw de-clawed. They’re nice and sweet to each other for awhile until Herc decides to wanna play. They even give kisses to each other. It’s funny sometimes because Tiger will give Herc some kisses and then the next thing, he’s batting and hissing at him. Herc just wants to play with him like he plays with Fred.

I might be introducing a dog and maybe even a cat into the house this year.
Since the rats were there first, I was wondering if I absolutely have to move them into a room with a door, so they are unavailable to the larger animals.

The person who convinced my son to get a rat, had a dog, a cat and other pocket pets. I met the rat and had it on my shoulder and the dog and cat were in the room. They didn’t care. That family kept the pocket pets in the bedrooms and closed the door when they were out.

You have a nice collection of pets there!

If you can, get them as a puppy or a kitten, that will help a lot in the introductions. Otherwise, just keep a close eye on them and help correct any bad behavior as quick as possible, they should learn quickly not to be mean to your rats. We used to have a rat (R.I.P. Samwise) ourselves, this was before we had Hercules and Fred and Tiger were just fine with him, I would even put Sam on Freds’ back and he didn’t mind at all.

Thank you, your rats are adorable!

More of my adorable pets:





My cat Fabio likes getting Baskets Of Cats from woot very much.

He especially liked the red thong. I think he was drawn to it because he’s named Fabio.

This is Indy, he is a 3 month old dachshund that we have had for about 5 weeks now :slight_smile:

I never close the doors when we leave. The dogs (and i have alot of them) have never bothered the smaller pets and i have alot of them!!!

Is his head that big, or is it just the angle?

It’s gotta be the angle. look at the size of the feet.

Kassey is very pretty. Does she have the signature purple chow tongue? I always thought that was the coolest thing about chows.

This is our Assassin (aka Sassy), adopted two weeks and three days ago:

She’s gained two pounds in the time that we’ve had her! She eats constantly. We think she’s training to be a sumo wrestler, but we just don’t have the heart to tell her that she’s the wrong species.

You can’t tell in this picture, but she has a white stripe that starts half-way down her back and continues to the end of her tail. She looks like Pepe Le Pew.

Kassy has a purple spotted tongue and some curl to the tail, which is how we know part chow. Temperment wise she’s a big goofy puppy (at 4) and the most submissive dog I know. Great dog. :slight_smile:

Sassy looks like a terror, which is to say she’s adorable and probalby knows it. The pepe le pew streak is awesome. Wish my cat had one.

For some reason, he kinda looks like a mottled Falkor to me: