Post pictures of your adorable pets!

She is a little terror… Sassy is a very apt name for her. But I’d rather have a crazy feisty kitten than a shy skittish one (as my family’s cat was… she’s finally a friendly cat, at eight). And really, how could anyone resist that face?

Yeah, my dog


ehh - no - inebriated, and calling in sick tomorrow.

Yay me!

I mean today…



Celebrating something or drowning your sorrows?

did I mention the beer thing?

Cause like, I was going to say something…

//wanders around

Don’t go near any sharp objects. Or cliffs.


I’m inheriting a new job while my old job has improved to where i don’t want to leave it, but the new job will pay lots more (like three times more in the six figure range) at the cost of my dogs being in some sort of boarding for up to a month at a time.

So I’m like in a situation where either I grab the Benjamins at the cost of my dogs, or I stay at a current salary where i can be ok, and stay home with my pups.

From the little I know of you, you’ll feel better and like yourself better if you stay home with the woofs.


Now the hard part. It’s my Dad asking me to help out and take over his position.

And as the eldest son, I have a duty to care for the parents :wink:

I can barely focus on the screen - so I bid thee a wonderful evening. I hope the neighbors aren’t kept up by my snoring.


Ouch, that makes it difficult. Night, DM.

Ouch! Best of luck in your decision.

Windsor is in my sig, he is a 4 year old Persian.
Here’s Angelica, we call her Geli (she’s an 8 year old blue point Himalayan):

And Caesar Augustus (a 5 year old cream point Himalyan):
All three were adopted from shelters!!

My wife and I are proud pug parents. Zeppelin is on the left and Olive is on the right.

Oops sorry, I guess that did make him look like he has a big head! Actually he is getting a big head around here, he is starting to think he owns the place. Well, don’t they all… :slight_smile:

My decison will be what’s best for the family.

Now I just have to find some chick that loves dogs and loves cleaning, and hates it when I’m home.

I figure it won’t be too hard, I live in america :wink:

here’s my crew!!! minus one cat goofy i just don’t have a picture of.
Ladybug and Booboo




Okay, Wiley and Hillary are ready for Halloween, but who should wear the skunk and who is the extra on Prison Break?

By agrant311, shot with KODAK DX6340 ZOOM DIGITAL CAMERA at 2008-09-07

I’m thinking Wiley should be the skunk.

By agrant311, shot with KODAK DX6340 ZOOM DIGITAL CAMERA at 2008-09-07