Post Whores Anonymous - Posts?? We don't need no stinkin' posts!!


I really wanted it to be Grab life by the hook 'em horns, but I just couldn’t do it


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null (2/9/2006 8:53 AM)


This will do whippersnapper!

Thanks for making the new place so nice. [:D]


I also wanted it to be Its Smelling Rosey

but just couldn’t bring myself to that either


Wow, I get home from work and we have a new home!
Nice job, cruzer!



I locked the diamond earring thread,** not the last pwa thread!!!** I think you all expect it by page 200, but don’t y’all come knocking on my door…and I’m not gonna move it (the locked one) to second page, either, lol!


‘PWA: Everything’s coming up roses’ wasn’t a bad option. I forget if that was Rugby or Mac. or maybe AZG… Too many to remember!


it was rugby…but…I hate to gloat


you did it!!!


if anyone cares, we are on #7


you’re welcome ace!


we are also working on page 1531


Holy crap…
Can we whore it up or what?
How’s everyone’s day going?


WTH? I was sorta’ preoccupied with responding to and getting links for the earring person, at the time. Trust me, after the grief I got JUST for moving #whatever it was to the second page, I’m not touching it.


yeah, I think we’re pretty good

especially for the 15 or so posters that we have


Nice place, Cruzer. You did a good job.

Congratulations, Don’t. You got last post on the old thread.



I’m just playin gimma!

no one cares if you lock it…

or move it…

we’re cool!


Woohooo!!! FIRST PAGE


it should have been mine!



Good for you. And you were so polite.


I didn’t see anyone say you locked it…we all may have been thinking that!


Sorry poof, can’t read the tone of that, but I was seriously trying to make light of my last experience…