Post Yo RIDE!

66 mustang in emberglow


Mr1. Next to, not on top of. I bet your wife was mad!

Mr Joe, you need to take better care of your toys.

I didn’t realize car sex was so violent.

I didn’t realize you would recognize car sex whan you saw it! j/k


My grandmother had one of those in black. A 1960 Plymouth Valiant with a push button transmission! Boy, you don’t see many of those anymore!

This was my first car…the 1978 Plymouth Volare Station Wagon. Except mine was a lovely dark red color that used to come off if you tried to wash the car, and unfortunately no woodgrain trim for me.

I think it used to get 11 MPG.

That’s a spiffy ride you had JoeDeeDee! My first car was a Honda Civic Wagon - something like this:

then I upgraded to (my first brand new car…):

First ride – 1978 Ford Econoline E250

Then came this car, and several like it afterward.

Was one of my favorites, a 1998 Ford Explorer Sport 4X4.

My current ride, a 2004 Ford F-150 4x4.

Someone post Cho’s purple car :slight_smile:

Here was my first car, but not in that good a condition in 1985:

1964 Cutlass 442 Convertible. Top speed with me behind the wheel: pegged at 120 racing a porsche 911 on I84 through Connecticut. Nickname- the Granola (boxy, brown, and flaking off rust in the quarters).

Not my car, but I had one just like it…
Except mine had half the rear hatch rusted out. I fixed it myself with a bondo kit from K-mart. Then it had a big bulge where the rusted out place used to be because I used the cardboard rail of a wire coat hanger to form the bottom edge of the hatch! One of these days I dig up a picture of my body work and post it! :slight_smile:

I am posting what I specifically purchased, but growing up my family had some interesting cars. Mine are more tame in comparison…

My first purchase was a 1997 Toyota Tercel Blackhawk. It was a “limited edition” and was only manufactured in three colors red (redhawk), white (whitehawk) and black (blackhawk). I remember it was my first time haggling for a car & I had my dad with me and he was so charged about the process I had to go through. I paid $13,500…probably too much back then. It had one annoying problem that kept it from passing inspections - e-brake never quite worked right.

The sad part of the story is that it was still road-worthy up until June 2007 when I stupidly signed it over to my soon-to-be-ex-husband who had no qualms or sentimental attachments (being my first car that I purchased with my own money, being brand new and not used and haggling the dealer with my father in tow) to it and traded it in to buy into a leased car. A-h*le!

The second new car I purchased was in 1999. My husband had a VW Jetta that wouldn’t pass inspection nor be able to be insured in the US because of DOT (Department of Transport) standards. Miles/Kilometers. Gallons/Litres. His Canadian car had to be replaced quickly. So my dad being the resourceful guy he is, found an ad in the paper for a little-known Korean (?) car - Kia. The Kia Sephia we purchased was a standard for $5,000-6,000! I remember our monthly payment being something ridiculous like $141 for 2 years. Problem was, we picked out the car at night under stadium lights making the car appear almost silver. When we signed on the dotted line, we noticed the color was actually “violet mist.” Oops. So, since my husband (s-t-b-ex) was going to be the primary user, we agreed to ignore that it was purple…and just call it “macho mist.”

In 2003, he got rid of the Kia and traded up for a “big boy.” No more sissy stuff. We purchased a Toyota Tundra Extended cab. We purchased it during a blizzard so the dealership was thrilled to even have made one sale that day. I think the purchase price was $23,000-$24,000. We did a 3 year finance and I remember the payments being $532/mo. Crazy, but we managed. Sadly for my husband, I ended up using the Tundra more often (it was empowering) and he got stuck with the Blackhawk.

So, my husband (s-t-b-ex) left…and left me with the Tundra, which ordinarily would have been perceived as a good thing, but gas prices were rising and I had to get a more fuel-efficient car. So, by leaving me with it didn’t do me any great favors. So, my current ride is a 2008 black Toyota Camry.

Although Toyota’s aren’t quite sexy, I have found them to be reliable and needed no major work during my ownership. They all worked fine when traded in…and probably would have kept on going…

Ok, since we’re doing history of vehicles, my first was the 64’ above.

1976 Olds Toronado Brougham (12 mpg, wow). Called it the white monster.

1985 Chevy Cavalier (silver)- my first purchased car. Drove it into the ground.

1985 Celebrity (silver, I loved the silhouette of this one- I’m weird). Also drove into the ground.

1995 Geo Metro in scuba blue (gave to my mom, still looks new). Gave it up when I got the

1999 Ford Taurus Sport (my current car)

Not a very sexy list, but I bought most of them them with my own cash.

Hi KT! I love Toyotas!
The 1st brand new vehicle we ever purchased was a 1986 blue Toyota p/u truck, a lot like this one.

It had a bench seat. We finally had to trade it in when we were expecting our 3rd child. There was just no way to fit a driver and 3 kids in there! It was a great truck. Very dependable.

I drove a baby-poo brown '72 chevy chevelle mailbu that I inherited. I named it “Elwood” it looked similar to this

now I drive a '02 VW Cabrio
similar to this

I much prefer the gas mileage and lack of a roof of the cabrio, but I have a strong love for Elwood