:w_boc: Post your 2022 Craps Here!!!

is that a lightning to hdmi adapter? damn i just bought one of those

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I got some pretty good stuff! Thanks Woot!

California King Duvet Cover Set (it’s heavy!)
Ream of printer paper (I needed paper!)
Shirt Woot mini plush (I think it’s a plumber?)
Assorted little hardware things (should send to Dave)
A pair of AMUOC Tactical Flashlights (nice!)
A pair of mini tongs (summer-time parties!)
A nice flexible metal spatula (summertime parties!)
A Mermaid Inflatable cooler buffet! (summertime parties!
Size Medium gray sweat pants (uhh…aspirational pants?)
4 packages HotHands warmers (good for next season!)
Anker Qi charger (I can NEVER have too many!)
Michael Phelps female size 34 swimwear
Package OralB Scope floss picks
Sparkle Art (I almost bought this for the grands!)
“Left Behind” DVD (looks pretty good)
6 yellow & 1 blue Woot! achievement ribbons!
Blue “My Crap is Better than Your Crap” bag!


This one is pretty decent! Except for the info card I got for a wireless charger……but no charger? ** to the person who may have got the charger, I have the info/directions in case you need them! :rofl:
Pack of 16 orange paper plates
Pack of 6 pairs of boxer briefs
Youth XS shark shirt
Visor Kleenex holder
Dish drying mat
Instant light bulb
Pack of 100 2022 pendants in case I make earrings or necklaces??
Of coarse a crap grocery bag! “My crap is better than your crap”
And my “extended car warranty” ribbon!!!

Yay! Thanks Woot!


Also some skull candy ear buds!!


May 2022 BOC

Woot bag (always comes in handy since California charges for grocery bags)
Magic mesh screen door
Eufy Bluetooth smart scale
Tough Built clip on tool belt (my husband is going to be really excited about this)
Caribiner bungee cord
Crayons glitter markers (the kids have already stolen them)
LED anywhere dimmable light :+1:t3:
Bag of 30 plastic clips (maybe chip clips :woman_shrugging:t2:)
Woot coaster
3 150 count bags of wooden coffee stirrers
Very nice Mens zip up sweater jacket

Another fun BOC!!! I can’t wait for the next one


May BOC -
2 packs 30 ct Dry Eraser Sentence Strips
2 Battery Storage Cases
Bentology 4 piece storage Containers
100 ct bamboo paddle pick skewers
75 ct scope floss picks
Pillow insert
Shimmery gift bag
Khacki shorts with belt included
5000 ct box of staples
4 hp cartridges
Tv replacement bulb
Metal bell
Woot ? Bag


***** Just want to add, my disappointment was greatly appreciated!! Thank you WOOT, WOOT!!


It took a while to go through the box to be somewhat disappointed. Thanks Woot! The mother lode arrived!


I have gotten two UPS notifications today letting me know a package will arrive tomorrow from Amazon. I took a look and it appears I have two packages en route from Carrollton, Tx - one is 7lbs and one is 8lbs. I checked my Amazon orders and the only thing I’m expecting from Amazon is an office chair that I know is not that light. Both packages appear to be next day air, so let’s see what arrives tomorrow! :woman_shrugging:t4::thinking::grin: (I am expecting Ballet of Crabs, so I hope that’s at least one of them)


Could that first item possibly be a car seat cover for dogs?


Holy BOC! I’ve gotten some pretty awesome ones before, and a few ouches, but this takes the cake!

I needed all this stuff (including the side eye monkey stickers) and totally love the Echo Show :face_holding_back_tears:.

By far my best BOC ever! Thanks Woot! I love this game :sweat_smile:


You failed Woot, I wasn’t disappointed at all.

Pretty good stuff in this box.


Yes, that’s what we determined it to be. It was donated to a local animal rescue shelter.


Supes excited about my first ever BoC!!!

1 Found this Ribbon ribbon
1 Digital hearing amplifier
2 rescue blankets
A pair of Anker USB-Cs
A pair of hand warmers
1 wig cap (my drag queen housemate says cheers!)
Freezer bags
Phillips shaver replacement
And a random lightbulb
2 dish brushes
Plants v Zombies plush throw
Some floss



If I were not disappointed in my “Bucket of Churros”, why would I even try.
1 bag of cotton still needing picked
1 badass flying Monkey
1 whale of a vase
1 stick-on pistol grip
1 F-Off patch
Starting to sound like a republican recruitment BOC,
isn’t it.
1 participation ribbon for finding said ribbon
1 10 pack of insulated test leads, thankful they’re insulated
1 iPhone case
3 pack of thermal fitting beads, will hang on to these for my later years.
1 travel lint roller, always wanted that
1 baby blue blankey bunny, predicting a cousins new child will be a boy, oops, I genderized a color, refer to the f-off patch.
1 knee cushion cover, once I get the cotton picked it will be useful
1 nail trimming engraver
1 knob
1 1 bag for all my crap, so glad you didn’t forget it woot.


Lots of clothes (like teenager Christmas) ranging from size S to 3XL.
A bag
A book
Drawer things?

Velcro 3M things my wife snatched up ASAP.

Oh, and a mermaid buffet cooler pool that my daughter claimed.


My first bag of crap, a bucket of churros!

(Cat not included)

1 lightbulb on a string that is suspiciously dim for the number of batteries it requires.
1 glittery tiger critter
1 melissa and doug giant 24 pc puzzle
1 unusable privacy phone case
100 gloves
5 reusable slurpy cocktail straws
1 sweet monkey launcher
1 superior bag for crap
1 ribbon of shame

A whole bunch of disappointment, thanks woot!


I’m not sure what I should do here. It looks like the post office kicked my BOC the last hundred miles to my door. It looks like the bottom of the box broke open and emptied out. They may have put everything back inside and taped it but I don’t know if I should open this or not. What does WOOT say?

This is my first BOC - such a bummer.


I don’t see why you shouldn’t open it but let’s ask @ThunderThighs for her opinion, since she works for Woot.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


Thank you peaceetc. :wink: