:w_boc: Post your 2022 Craps Here!!!

  1. Lego Nexo Knights Costume (new)
  2. 4 airtight kitchen containers with labels (new)
  3. 2 pack of blink mini camera (new)
  4. beats wireless earphones (new)
  5. crayola giant fingerprint pad (new)
  6. Eufy smart scale (new)
  7. bumper sticker
  8. shiny crap bag
    Overall I’m really happy. I paid $10 for a little over $200 worth of stuff!!

The only thing that may be more disappointing than a BOC is the lack of care with which they are


Hey, your photo apparently didn’t finish uploading before you posted it. Could you try again? Thanks.


It was just so eager to meet you it was bursting at the seams.


OMG!! I hit the unexpected jackpot :slot_machine: . 1st, a redneck wig, I have always wanted one!!! Then check out what was in the box with the wig! :exploding_head::star_struck:


I recieved my BOC today and at first was hopeful but upon further inspection… I was not only disappointed but also extremely disgusted.

-Shiny Woot Bag + Bumper Sticker
-Car Sponge
-Knife Holder for drawer
-Cuisinart Immersion Blender (Doesn’t work) this is my 2nd since I also recieved a broken one in my last BOC.
-Shoulder Heating Pad (Food caked all over it)
-Anker PowerCast M300 (Doesn’t work either)
-Aukey True Wireless Ear Buds…:nauseated_face:
With these I was far too disgusted to check if they work. In the trash they went… I get that its a toss up on whether or not some of these things will work, since clearly a most all of these we’re customer returns, but seriously… what disgusting :pig2: would return ear buds looking like this?:face_vomiting:

Thanks Woot! Lol


What a wonderously craptastic (1st ever) bag o’ crap for me…my 16 year-old self’s 1999 Hyundai Tiburon would be decked out with this haul, in addition to my present-day wife and daughters :upside_down_face:

  1. Nesting kitchen tongs…ngl I like this craps, will utilize
  2. e.l.f. snowflake 4-piece eye brush set…ladies will love, crap-a-rino for me
  3. NHL Penguins earrings…no one wants thisssss, go Rangers? (actually IDC, but still crap)
  4. 2x Goody ouchless fine hair bands…truly a godsend, my daughters seem to eat these things
  5. HABA Gummibärchen…Wunderbar! (für meine Kinder)
  6. Set of 8 furniture carpet sliders…useful crap!
  7. ROAV Smart Car Charger, with Bluetooth FM tuner!..lovely for my aforementioned pre-(USB/BT)historic car
  8. 2x Anker USB-C cables…can never have too many, useful crap!
  9. 2x(!) Aukey dashboard phone mounts…driver and passenger get to enjoy the craps!
  10. Yoga pants for women (with pockets!)…if they fit, the wife will OK this purchasing of craps
  11. Anker PowerWave wireless charging stand…for -myy wiiife-
  12. Anker magnetic ring…more craps for the wife (she liiike)
  13. 10 color x3m Scrib3d filament…aw craps I don’t has one
  14. 2x woot! Bumper sticker/decal sheet…will this crap go on my car like pigeon poops? Time shall tell!
  15. Lurking in the background, the luminescent bag to contain the mounds of crap, aptly denoted…shiiiny

If you were to post a photo of you wearing that wig while using your new tablet, I wouldn’t be disappointed. :smiley:


OK, hold your breath, it is on the way

Must’ve been the same guy, or gal, who returned this beauty I received from one of those limited edition $50 BoCs a while back.

Judging from all the crude in those ear pods, they probably returned them because they couldn’t hear anything.


Behold my Bilb o’Craggins from the July 19 Woot Funhouse. It really was bursting at the seams, and not with disappointment.

  • Sparkly CRAP bag
  • Woot.com car sticker.
  • Knife drawer organizer
  • Blink Mini indoor camera 2 pack
  • Anker PowerWave magnetic charging pad
  • 16 pack of velvety hangers
  • 12" Lodge cast iron pan
  • Car wash sponge
  • Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller

Thanks Woot!


My Badgers of Cairo has arrived, and really- I don’t have a bad thing to say. Not even ONE. Everything is going to be of use!

We got:

  • 2 pairs of men’s athletic mesh shorts, in size XXL (but are sized more like a regular XL Tall, which is PERFECT for my youngest son!)
  • 1 Pride heart shirt, men’s medium (too small for any of us, but might make a nice gift for my boys to give to someone in the LGBTQ+ Alliance group at their new high school!)
  • 1 LED Touch Light- it’s got FIVE lights, and will do GREAT in the kitchen closet in our rental house!
  • 3 in 1 Wireless charger- made for iPhones, iPods, and whatever the watch versions are by Apple, but will do dandy for our Android phones
  • GoWise Stainless steel kitchen food scale- oddly, I was thinking about buying one of these the other day
  • One shiny shiny irridescent CRAP bag- it’s so SHINY
  • Woot! Bumper sticker that will probably cause a rear-end collision, but hopefully not, AND
  • 1 Spicy Shelf Deluxe, the two-tiered kind…and we were JUST trying to arrange the spice n’ flavors cupboard yesterday, so this could not be more timely!

Sorry to disappoint, but…I am not disappointed. This is freakin’ AWESOME! Thanks, Woot!


What a load of CRAP!
Can’t wait for my next one!


  1. Crap - Woot tote bag – shiny and pink. Perfect for my crochet stuff.
  2. 4-pack of Arlo Essential video cameras (box says 3, but there are 4) – Already hooked one up.
  3. Gardguard - LED grow lights – not sure if I will use these but they look cool.
  4. Set of 8 Furnish Carpet Sliders – my son wanted to open these and slide around the carpet; I said no.
  5. 1 XL Ew, People t-shirt
  6. 1 M Aries AF t-shirt
  7. 1 S Colorful design t-shirt
  8. 1 Woot! Bumper Sticker – Going to put this on the water heater:)

Just 3 pieces of crap. Car wash sponge, shoelaces, and baby float. Happy Birthday Woot!


Yup, too bad you didn’t get anything good. :rofl:

Wow, that’s really nasty too :grimacing: Somebody needs a lesson on personal hygiene. Just never know what kind of surprises Woot has in store for us :blush: but, thats what makes it so much Fun! Gotta take the bad with the good lol


I shouldn’t have come on here. Seen pretty good craps and I live in Utah, so with today’s state holiday, my craps are stuck at the post office for one more day, then since I ship to my work to avoid porch pirates, it’ll spend another day floating around the mailroom before I get to see it. Then I’ll probably luck out and get whatever lint ThunderThighs and whoever had sitting around in their desks, sigh.

Here’s hoping for the best though, even though I have to wait a few more days bouncing between hope and despair.


I was hoping for at least one electronic item. Bummer.

Oh to list my stuff!
2 woot branded no touch gadgets
1 set of gauze (odd)
1 container of wood filler
2 Flower shaped luggage tags
1 composition notebook
90 count of dental flossers
1 Silicone collapsible funnel
4 pack dot runner tape (?) not sure what it is yet
1 outlet cover
2 pack of filters for a mask I don’t own
1 pack of swiffer wet mop cloths (very usual)
1 pack of scrubbing bubbles toilet bowl cleaning stamp


Sounds like what I’ll get (knowing my luck on BoCs lately). I think the dot runners are to apply a line of adhesive dots for crafting (attach paper to paper).