:w_boc: Post your 2022 Craps Here!!!

Yay! It finally arrived (a week ago).

1 - Box of anti-bunch pads for umm something
1 - Male hose plug
1 - Pack of floss
1 - Lid
1 - Something with wires and buttons
0 - Woot monkey
1 - Filter
1 - Woot pen
1 - Pair of safety glasses
1 - Cocktail mixer
0 - Woot sticker
1 - Smaller but more shiny Woot bag
1 - Metal B
1 - Wig cap

I was going to go adopt a cat to include in my picture, but no woot sticker ='s no (real) cat.


My pretty-sweet bag of crap!
Crap bag
Adult-M life jacket
Clean-out cover (x2)
Backflow valve thingy
Plastic colander/strainer
Xmas socks
Face massager – really! That is what it is!
Bag of individually packaged disposible towels that expand when wet
Water-wow book
Woot keychain


My Bridge Over Cleveland arrived, and I’m disappointed that I’m not more disappointed. It contained:

A roll of paper towels
Buydeem 4-slot toaster
Wire brush set
Woot pen
Command hooks
Wig cap
Christmas Cat mug
Baby wipes
Anker portable charger (missing plug, but still great!)
Pizza Planet t-shirt
I’d smoke that t-shirt
Camping t-shirt
MamaSaurus t-shirt
and the requisite (but this time irridescent!) Crap bag

Woot! Woot!


Got my boc today, will post more later, but what do these things make?


A mess?

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Congrats to all you first-time BoC winners!


OK, finally catching up with my BOC from May and most recent one from July. Let’s start with the May haul, which I earned playing the game where you elongate platforms to get the monkey safely to each island. In case anyone thought the games weren’t worth playing.

It contained (clockwise-ish from top left):

  • Box of 100x medical examination vinyl gloves
  • 7x individually-packed n95 masks
  • Hand blender
  • Woot! bag
  • Woot! screamin’ monkey toy
  • Pair of gray chinos that actually fit me (34x32)!
  • 2x giant novelty pens
  • Electric nose & ear hair trimmer
  • Fram motorcycle air filter
  • 2x extension cables for headphones/audio

The pants alone made this box worth it for me - good fit, comfy, and classy enough to wear to work. I threw the masks and gloves in the first aid kit I keep in my car. The giant novelty pens were gifted to my 3-year-old niece, and the blender went to her mom (my sister), who will actually use it. I put the air filter on Craigslist for free and it was gone from my front porch within an hour. The cables went in my “random cables” bin, the trimmer unfortunately did not work and so was tossed, and the monkey, after sitting in a catnip-filled bag for a few days, is now a fun cat toy. Thanks Woot!

On to July, which I won during the latest Woot-off.

Again, clockwise-ish from top left:

  • Pair of men’s khaki shorts (waist 40)
  • Mini brush & dust pan set
  • 4x twist grips
  • Woot! bag
  • Box of Kleenex brand kleenex
  • Double-sided stunt R/C vehicle
  • Pair of memory foam fuzzy lined men’s slippers (size 11)
  • 1x roll of BamTime TP
  • Woot! pen
  • 2x Belkin surge protectors

By far, the jackpot of this box is the slippers. They fit and are the comfiest things I’ve ever had on my feet. I’m luxuriating in them right now, in fact. I’d need to gain about 100lbs for the shorts to fit, so they’re already Goodwill bound. The kleenex, TP (I ordered a case of this exact stuff from Woot! just a couple months back), and pen are everyday essentials, always happy to get some for free. I gave the mini brush & dust pan and surge protectors to my sister, who’s a teacher, as she can use both in her classroom. The twist grips seem like something that will come in handy someday in some way, so I put them in my tool bucket until such an opportunity presents itself. And finally, the R/C car will be another gift for my niece, though in reality I expect her dad (my brother in law) to get more use and enjoyment out of it than her. So again, thanks Woot! Always fun to get one of these in the mail, already counting down the days until I’m eligible again and the opportunity presents itself!

I’d be remiss if I concluded without noting that, in addition to some of the various contents becoming cat toys, my kitties get their absolute favorite thing in the world every time a BoC arrives at my place: an empty cardboard box. To wit:


Was finally able to pick up my BoC from the lost office, and twas a good haul!

  • Crap Bag
  • Refurb’d Nightgear Nighthawk XR500 (AC2600)
  • Work Gloves
  • Anker PowerPort Solar
  • Anker Dual USB-C Car Charger
  • LED Light
  • Yootech MF200 Dual Wireless Charging Pad
  • Woot Grabber Handle w/ Stylus Tip
  • Secura Personal Blender (slightly used)
  • Backseat Baby Mirror
  • Random Computer Power Cable


Soooo it didn’t exist, or it just didn’t make it from Woot to the Post Office… they are shipping a replacement :raised_hands:t3: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


A spice rack. Look up Spicy Shelf on the mothership :slight_smile:


Here is July 9 Bushes over Cars
The bag is different.
Nothing very Impressive.
Maybe next time.
Happy Wooting


Don’t you always take too much crap to the beach? Seriously I love this little bag. It’s so shiny!

Haven’t used the rest yet, but the wrench roll and the light show promise!


Today, I am not the sharpest tool in the shed…I’m trying to attach my BOC Woot bday BOC videos…pity & assistance, anyone…really anyone

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Wow - this BOC was amazing!! I really intended to be more disappointed, but I am having some trouble with that… This was Bring Old Cash.

Clockwise from the left:

Anker Soundcore Icon Mini Bluetooth Speaker
2 cast iron pans - both with lids and silicone holders
Bug swatter
Lids for cast iron pans
Series 3 Apple Watch (refurbished)
Lovely iridescent “Crab” bag (my 6 y/o wanted it and I told her she couldn’t walk around with a bag that said Crap so she changed it :laughing:)
Mini Brush & Dust Pan with a piece of the dust pan broken (only crappy item in this bag of crap!)
Selfie Stick Tripod
Samsung A12 phone - theoretically new in box and not refurbished

Thanks for the Crap Woot!!!


This bag was our prize for winning the 4-of-a-kind dice game a few weeks ago.

We received:

  • 1 sheet of Woot car stickers
  • 1 shiny new Woot bag
  • 1 elf hat
  • 1 dust mask (with all labels in Korean!)
  • 1 extension cord
  • 1 pack of fancy metal straws (16 total in two lengths and styles, complete with cleaning brushes and a bag for storage)
  • 5 satin scrunchies
  • 2 pool cue cleaners
  • 4 furniture pads
  • 1 eye shadow palette
  • 1 box of gloves
  • 1 spill-proof lid
  • 1 box of feminine hygiene products
  • 1 Party Bowl light
  • 1 Command hook
  • 1 package of CD-R discs

We can probably find a use for over half of these items, which is somewhat surprising. But no monkey… So medium disappointment?

Hermetta (our robot fish, a present from TT) wishes Woot a happy belated birthday!


This too cool. I need a BOC.

Hello, I’ve never done a video but I copied this from @peaceetc.

The best way to do it is to upload it to Youtube and then post a link here. A link on a line by itself will automatically embed the video in your post.

Hope it helps… :four_leaf_clover:

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That happened to me too! But they did send a replacement once I told woot .


Love those shirts!

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dust pan broken (only crappy item in this bag of crap!)
Selfie Stick Tripod
Samsung A12 phone - theoretically new in box and not refurbished

Thanks for the Crap Woot!!!,

Wow. I envy the iron pans coming with lids. The phone must really disappoint you.
I really do like the Samsung phones.
Happy Crabbing