:w_boc: Post your 2022 Craps Here!!!

Having been in the vestibule for upwards of 20min (less than 30) I always dread the outcome even winning a box feels stressful… my hands itch to refresh, I often do just so I can get out of there… it’s borderline mental abuse :rofl:
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Well that’s a first. Got a BOC from the digital crap on the app and it was the 9 piece puzzle game!



I was starting to get excited until I saw everyones BOC weighs 7lbs. Maybe it’s flesh?

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Finally! After all this time! Bestowed upon me is a Big Ol Camel! Now, I’ve gotten pretty used to being disappointed in life, and usually the disappointment comes at a MUCH higher cost (in more ways than 1)! Though im sure that this camel will (barely) live up to my (extreamly low) expectations, Im (fairly) sure that its safe to say the package wont require a doctors visit or medications, or not even bail money! I’ve never been more eager to be let down. I’ll be sharing the contents here when the bag arrives. Thanks (for sending me your trash)!

Edit: It hasn’t actually shipped from the zoo, or Saudi Arabia or Syria yet, so I suppose there’s still a chance it could get cancelled lol. Now THAT would be truly disappointing!



And welcome to the Wonderful World of Woot CRAPitalism, where you willingly seek out and exchange your hard-earned money for the receipt of most certain disappointment - by the bag or by the boxload!

Please be sure to share your BOC upon receipt of said crap here, so the other Wooters may wallow in the schadenfreude of your disappointment.

I myself - after spending all day fruitlessly in the Vestibule of Patience rather than actually working - also lucked upon the ”Ballerinas On Cupcakes” while rummaging through the Wootoff leftovers!

I too now wait anxiously, refreshing my order page and inbox for the signal that my craptacular prize will soon arrive!

Then you too can gloat with the others over the folly of my actions when I post my disappointment.

What fun!


BOC purchased on March 3rd have left the building.

Disappointment is on the way.



Say! That’s __(insert poll choice)_ news!

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Me staring at my Woot! App checking order status for the next (however long it takes for my BOC to arrive)…
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Oh my… Poor Timmy! One attempt at flight and I ripped his wee hands off!

Definitely some craps in here. I’ll probably use the pop filter, and the bag.


My St Patricks Day appropriately named Boiling Our Cabbage arrived. The woot loot includes a bag (surprise!), a pair of sweatpants, iPhone case, color on olly ball, 3 small tools,diaper genie carbon filter, cake splat game, aluminum foil and a “got up on time” ribbon. I know who to give that to at the office, but it may take a while to award.


Boiling Our Cabbage as “won” from a Pointless Push

Expand for Itemized List

☼ 1x 2-pack headphone adaptor for iPhoneX
☼ 1x Cake Splat
    Might be fun sometimes
☼ 10x generic drill bits
    To add to the existing collection?
☼ 1x java sock
    Useful… for someone else… probably a coworker…
☼ 1x iPhone 11 case
    Useless for my Android phone
☼ 200sqft of Reynolds Wrap
    Great! A real keeper!
☼ 2x rubber duckies
    The owl has a messed up eye which makes it look awkward
☼ 1x compact travel extreme stick lint roller
    Useful for all the traveling I don’t do
☼ 2x finger puppets (cow and turtle) in eggshells
    Okay, these are adorable on the appropriate fingers
☼ 1x “I Won Something” woot! ribbon
    Did I? Did I really win something woot!?
☼ 1x large green sweater which has a lot of loose threads
    Tried it on and threads were hanging off it it. Probably not for wearing outside the house
☼ 1x “?” tote
    I use these to bring lunch & woot! crap to work. Sadly, this one has holes in it so I’ll probably just trash it. :cry:

1 Corgi not included with Bandolier of Carrots
2 Guest appearance by Izzy the corgi
3 Izzy was paid in biscuits for her appearance
4 No animals were harmed in the making of this film
5 I am disappointed I didn’t get a sticker


Nice job on the video!


Thanks, I was able to get it down to 30-seconds and hooray for free license music! Hope you enjoyed the notes at the end of the itemized list.


I would guess that I am getting something different, as the shipping said the weight was 5.1 pounds, so they aren’t all the same!

And this is the first BOC I’ve won since 2006! Damn, that’s a long time!


5 lbs of crap arriving today


Getting a box of Cabbage today as well I can only hope to receive some Reynolds’s wrap and duckies. Great video!


Hey all! I finally managed to secure a tangible box of disappointment after 2 years of failing. My last box was from Dec 24, 2020, so it’s long overdue! Out of curiosity, there are no more pallets of random things or giant items any more, right? I think I saw TT comment that the letters are a thing of the past, but hope springs eternal :crossed_fingers:

My dec 2020 haul for funsies:


Letters are/were being rethunk, but there HAVE been Mega B0Cs given away in contests.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


Woot woot, finally showed up.

Billiards Table not included.


I’ve noticed mention of the mega BOC! Are those the same price or are they more? I figure I’ll stick around in the forums to find out and also get some human interaction, since I have 3 kids and am an introvert, so it’s hard to get out :see_no_evil: