:w_boc: Post your 2022 Craps Here!!!

I managed to consistently use the 2019 cat calendar I got in a BOC last winter as my 2022 desk calendar. Sure, the days of the week were always wrong, but who can get frustrated when there are cute cats on each page? :rofl:


I have done this with a beagle calendar and a few others . Sometime had to move a few months around! Fun!


I certainly will send them to Lucas!! Thanks for the advice.


This is long. Apparently I haven’t written in a while. but anyways, I detected a theme. A crappy theme. But just the right goofy-crappy one to show my Boss! {She “demanded” to be the first one to see it - mission successful (not pictured)}

You imagine this, a few months ago, I cheapy sold a couple of t-shirts to some afternoon coworkers - and my Afternoon Boss caught wind of it… she wondered why I bought shirts that was waay to big for me, not my style, {cough Maimi Vice} and then selling them cheap?!? She’s got a point. I explained the random-yet-highly-desired-website-crashing-limited-quanity-box to her.
On the morning of 12/15/22 {happy bday dad} I bought a Box of Cheer. I waited a whole 45minutes to make sure it didn’t get yanked out of my shopping bag! …and then I texted my Boss the news.
…the day came, I picked up the box on my lunch hour… slid it under my desk, and hours later when my Boss and I came up for air from Inventory paperwork… we opened THE BOX.
• Box of xl gloves (to handle this crappy box!) (Hmm…last year we had the same brand of gloves @ work! :laughing:)
• ionic Woot bag.
• …a pack of disposable seat …covers…to avoid crappy germs.
• plastic set of prybars(best used on car repairs - dad: "sigh I could’ve used these 3 months ago. But i didnt… had to take car to body shop.}
• Cloth masks & Christmas themed cloth mask {I think this is the first time I’ve gotten masks in my woot box!}
• 2 crappy ice scrapers :smile: everyone wanted one. (I almost used them…but I was gifted/loaned a garage spot for the cold snap)
•••• pink cups; random filters for a…hepa Machine?.; …3 identical bags of …"switches… thingys. We looked them up, but I’ve forgotten. Skinny masking tape! & Packaged Philips lightbulb.
• a grip for a Glock. ((Hint, hint Santa!! – didn’t happen.))
• a nice {MY SIZE!!} Zippered fuzzy jacket {thx Woot!}
• And the Best?! & HEAVIEST & most crappy-impresive item in the bottom of the box: a new generator carburetor. {Thanks Google Lens & Amazon for explaining what it was} {if somebody wants this carburetor… contact me! :smile:}
…that was the most I heard my boss laugh all week. Now she can decide if this was stupid or smart. Thanks Woot. I didn’t let her pick out anything - because 1. I had Christmas family at home wanting to know. 2. I also needed to take a pic.

The contents were hidden from the Christmas rush, & now I’m planning to get this posted before 2023.
:smirk_cat:Bonus Cat: he was born in April. His name is Samson. He’s strong. He doesn’t like to be carried, held. & he HATES being indoors. I called my cats, only 1 came running… so there’s the pic before he tried jumping out the closed window. he was happy to go back outside.


My last BOC sat in Texas for over a week. Or just wasn’t scanned, not sure.


has it delivered yet.?




You’re gonna be stoked come 2030.


That’s so awesome!!


Good news- my “COC” (AKA cord of cranberries) had a label created on 12/16 (not into labeling things but I named him my special purpose)
Bad news- my “COC” has not had any updated action since then (a relevant metaphor for my real life, poor little guy sitting in a warehouse just hoping to be reunited with his special forever home)
Good news- apparently my “COC” is 6 pounds (definitely not a metaphor for my real life and thinking that is proably a good thing)
Crappy news- as I sit here “COC”-less as everyone else rejoices in thieir crappy glory I know we will soon be joined as one- a man and his crappy “COC” just waiting to combine our powers to provide the awesome power of just barely adequate for all the world to ignore!


Pointless pushes just pushed BOCs. Which I missed. :frowning:


I had a similar issue with my COC. Woot very kindly sent me a replacement (weighing 6lbs from what UPS tell me), which is currently being held by my local USPS staff. Hopefully I can get my hands on it on Tuesday. I hope the disappointment is worth the wait. :grin:


my pre xmas pointless push suprise BoC:


Yes, it was an 11/25 BOC. PLENTY of disappointment…


My final disappointing bag of the year:

  • Better crap bag
  • A few low carbon footprint shirts
  • A couple of normal carbon footprint sweatpants
  • Funnels
  • Bamboo butt paper
  • Tissues to soak up my tears of disappointment

This made me laugh.

I’m seeing Delivery Change Canceled. Not sure what that means. Maybe reach out to UPS? Could it be a weather delay?


Not a saying you hear much any more. I use it though. :smiley:

:ear: :worm:

Dang right it is!

Let me guess. It fits?

how long did that take you to author?

Of course it does. :sob:

Probably not but maybe? If UPS didn’t scan it before handing it to your post office (I’m seeing surepost). Feel free to reach out to our CS. They can put in a replacement if needed.

Congrats again on the dice game. Apparel is not supposed to fit. Sigh.




Yeah, probably best to reach out to CS on that one.



Share your 2023 BOCs


Here is a short video you can watch. Filmed by my children. Sorry if it didn’t come out great.
27 декабря 2022 г. - YouTube.


The action canceled is just because I have my packages sent directly to the ups store. The cancellation is just so they bring it to my house instead. As far as tracking goes it is still in label created meaning they have not yet received the package. I reached out to cs and got a message back on the 31st saying it would ship on the 22nd of December but it is still in label created so it hasn’t shipped yet. How do I go about getting a replacement sent?

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Great job by the kids!