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@Wooter334918971 :rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl: I didn’t even know that cat pedicure sets were a thing. I just had myself a joyous chuckle at my desk over this. Thanks, I so needed that!


Apparently they are caps that stop your cat from scratching things? But bright colors and adhesive…so I’m sticking with cat pedicure

Bored Cat GIF


Well, my Borscht over Corn was delivered today. I wish I can say that I am disappointed but I was super excited about the much needed printer paper! I also received makeup sponges, knob replacement, bunion care kit, Woot coaster, book rings, mop head refill, mini camping light, baby bottle toppers and a green Woot bag.
My dog, Pepper was so sure that the makeup sponges were for her. Not happy when I took them away!


woot sac
mini camping light
fitbit/garmin band
book rings
shoe laces
fast food cap/gloves/scarf set
pill splitter
usa states flash cards
smart phone car holder
squshy cat
lots of cupcake papers
ream of copy paper
woot coaster
a weird smell on everything, like old lady drawers

I was SUPER hoping for baby stuff since thats what everyone else seems to be getting, so naturally I didn’t get any :rofl:

Thanks woot!


Woot bag & coaster
Vent filters
Mermaid pillow
Pill splitter
Reusable to-go coffee cups
Superman socks with capes
3 pairs of pink shorts


My very first BOC has arrived and Woot delivered on their promise of abject and resounding disappointment :raised_hands:t2: I thought maybe since I’m 4.5 months pregnant, the universe (aka the Woot gods) would send me some of those baby bottles people have been scoring but that wouldn’t have been crap then!:sweat_smile:

Contents included in a neatly and tightly packaged box:

  • Woot crap bag
  • Woot coaster
  • This delightfully hideous sequin pillow everyone’s been getting (re-gift to one of my nieces for sure)
  • Some ripped open package of blue disposable plates
  • A pill splitter (maybe my pharmacist husband can use at work :woman_shrugging:t3:)
  • 200 sq ft of good ‘ol American-made Reynolds aluminum foil
  • 3 pk reusable coffee cups which I am completely and wholly ambivalent to
    *An Amazon Fire 7 tablet cover, I think (that I literally know no one who has one of these, so will likely end up in my trash)
    *And the most practical item of all: a 6ft HDMI cable

Thanks, for the crapgasm Woot! :poop:


Boyfriend of Centipede arrived today:

  • Woot! Bag
  • Woot! Coaster
  • One Set of Child Thermal Socks XXXS
  • One Bag of Party Decorations
  • One Ream of Copy Paper
  • One Bag of Invisible Bra Extenders
  • One Bag of 3 Mens Modal (No Trace) Boxers XL
  • One 2 Piece Set of Boys Thermals
  • One Red Candle
  • One Compact Inflator Pump
  • One Mini Camping Light

6lbs of pure disappointment! Woohoo!
I can hardly wait for the next one!


Here we go again! The whole family has gotten into the fun now, and even though today is my son’s birthday he said, “Can we wait on cake until after we open the big box?”

Look at all the crap! In no particular order…

  • hearing aid batteries?
  • bunion and toe care kit. BIZARRELY, I have a dancer in the house, who called dibs immediately.
  • something I’m told is a makeup spreader or something? Looks like a bunch of foam teardrops. I’m told by my daughters that this is very useful, and that they will fight over it.
  • shoelaces, can always use shoelaces
  • something that appears to be a replacement part for a tea kettle?
  • perfectly good can opener to replace the old one we had
  • green WOOT bag of course
  • lightning port audio splitter thingie so you can plug in an earphone jack and power at the same time
  • replacement knob for a light switch
  • hot hand warmers, which will probably be useful in a few months if I can remember where I put them and they don’t expire with age
  • miniature camping lantern
  • printer paper?! awesome. I’d be happy if all my boxes came with printer paper from now on.
  • cardboard woot coaster, ripped
  • “book rings”. Not sure what these are for. They’re a bit like carabiner clips. Maybe for doing your own three ring binding?

And, last but not least (ok I lied about no particular order)…

  • a 2TB Seagate portable backup drive! My son immediately declared this one of his birthday presents.

And great fun was had by all. Most useful and probably most valuable crap I’ve gotten to date. Looking forward to doing it all again next time! Now it’s a family tradition!


Yes, Morgan is my furry friend.

Here’s a story about me’n’Morgan from when I was very little. We had visited Grandmother in Joplin, and since Morgan was my go-to for my sleep-buddy, he of course came with. I vaguely remember packing my stuff but finding no Morgan so assuming Mums had already packed him for me. That night at home, I must’ve asked where Morgan was, to which she remembers telling me wherever I’d packed him. WHAT?!?!?!?!? WHERE’S MORGAN???!!!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?! Morgan had not come home with us! Momma called Grandmother, who was one of two best grandmothers and dropped everything to go look in her guest bedroom. She found Morgan there between the bed and the wall. NO MORGAN for bed??!?!?!?!?!?!!??? I believe I had a massive crying fit, Mums had to comfort me with a different stuffed animal (I suspect Roary, or even her old Big Morgan). And bless her heart but Grandmother shipped my Morgan for who-knows how stupid much to get him to me overnight. Granted, Joplin to KC was a one-day trip for the mail but still probably cost a goodly penny even back in the day.

Needless to say I never again assumed Morgan had been packed by someone else. Very traumatic. Scarred me for life. Probably why I go for Bs o’C now.

In my defense, I was VERY young. And had never been without Morgan before.




You must take pics from when you attempt to put those nail caps on him/her HA!

(btb, I’m wondering about the sizing on them. Did Sigfried & Roy want to cap their tigers’ nails so needed XL size?) (besides, isn’t it kinda…not a good thing…to glue something on retractable nails so they can’t actually retract?)



The cat wonders when I will stop buying these. Nothing for her, so all crap… The Brainchild of Chaos arrived

-green Abe Lincoln bag
-mermaid pillow
-! coaster
-Supergirl knee high socks
-3pk to go cups reusable
-iPhone adaptor (good thing I have iPhone)
-pill splitter
-pack of 2 60ml dispensing syringes (not for medical use, no idea what these are used for)
-a no smoking/open alcoholic beverages/eating or drinking sign. I’ll have to find somewhere funny for this or give it to a friend who is Uber driver
-gas cap for mower. Good thing I live in place without a yard and own zero mowers. This is perfect addition to bag of crap lol


Green bag
Auto shades
Fancy binder clips
Makeup removers
Softball cap
Stain steel feeler gauge
Old phone case
Samsung commercial looking security camera

First boc!! Been trying since the beginning!


Erg I suck at life. Will post my 420 bag of cannabis tomorrow

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That’s amazing! I can think of a stuffed animal or two that I grew up with but eventually they were donated or given to younger cousins.
Cheers to Morgan living out a completely full life stuffing your life full of happiness and sleep!


Hey Kat, thank you very much. I would definitely use and enjoy the shade. If I don’t get one in my Boc I will pm you so we can talk tradesies:)

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Total win, received my crap on May 4th and it contained a Lego Star Wars Landspeeder. Talk about perfect timing of delivery.

Also included:
Superman socks
running socks
hair ties
sweat pants that actually are my size
paper plates
shoe laces
Superman / Batman window shades
baby picture frame kit - friends daughter giving birth any day so another perfect timing
cable ties
2 x stylus pens
Woot bag
Woot coaster

For first time all items are useful! How did this mistake happen?


Disappointment as advertised. Might be able to make use of a couple of items, otherwise, welcome to Recycle City baby, population: this BOC.

Colorful plastic straws
Camping Light
Squishy Cat
Tablet case
100 ID holders
Woot coaster

Thanks Woot! I hope you never change.


So this was a very “useful” boc I got

One emoji lunch box
Auto side shade cover
Binder clips
A bunch of the learn to write lined paper
A coaster
A bag
And brand new Reynolds Wrap

Yeah I mean I guess some of this stuff could be useful
Overall sorta meh


We now interrupt this broadcast to bring you…


This should be called Hubby’s Bag of Crap. He made out like a bandit.
Bag of crap contents:
Green Woot bag
Girlie party hats
Very nice Rockwell Razor
Pocket screw guide
Mini lantern
Closet deodorizer
Batman Sunshield
Plant Stand
A huge bag of paper straws
Woot coaster

Thanks Woot!!!


Almost identical pile of crap I got. Starting to rethink my life choices! Should I keep trying for more BOC???

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