:w_boc: Post your APRIL 2021 Crap HERE!!

Every day, my Friend, every day :green_heart::crown:89


Would love to get a bag of crap to show off to everyone! That would be a Wooters dream :thought_balloon: come true :two_hearts::ok_hand::infinity::two_hearts:

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Yay! I’ve been wooting for so long and have tried so many times to get a boc. First time and I have to say it was a doozy.

So, in the front, the ubiquitous bag; very classy though I always imagined getting an old greased stained bag but beggars cant be choosers.

  1. Play-Doh. Now where did I put my kid’s play-doh toys…
  2. Mulicolored Binder Clips. Man, I was just thinking I could use some of these.
  3. A coffee mug wth a gun handle. The box states “makes a great gift” for whom, I have no idea.
  4. Two pairs of childrens winter gloves.
  5. A panda shower cap. My wife liked it but she said that it’s just not big enough.
  6. An iPhone lightning headphone/charger splitter. Without opening it, I will bet it won’t work.
  7. A woot “not a frisbee” coaster
  8. And finally, a women’s medium shirt that says Bride Squad. I think that may actually fit me and I feel that I’ll have to wear it to a family gathering. Being a balding 53 year old man may confuse people. Yes, I call my family people.

Sigh, no $8000 camera but I am beyond happy with my first Bad Ok Cool.


Here is my 6lb BOC

-Sunflower Tank Top XL
-Angelina Bra Size 38DD
-Neo Art Drawing Book
-Office Depot Printable Label Dividers
-Window Write Glass Markers (2pk White/Yellow)
-Box of book rings
-8pcs Colorful Sewing Kit
-Tee Zed Clip-On Fan
-Woot! Bag
-Woot! Light Stick
-1MORE iBfree Sport Bluetooth Headphones


Some interesting crap. This was my 2nd BOC and it had something for everyone in the house.

For me:

  • an air pump (to use for my kid’s sports balls)
  • pack of Windex wipes
  • pack of Scotch-Bright scrubber heads

for the 3 year old:

  • some sort of scented squishy cat stress ball
  • glow in the dark woot bracelet

for the wife:

  • those ear cleaner things you see in social media ads. (she’s wondered if worth it, now we get to try 1st. lol)

Other Crap: Dimmer switch knob… pack of Hot Hands… Muck Crocs size 9… stick on card holder for phones… spray bottle… USB adapter


Ummm what?!? Is it actually in the box?!?

I received my Betting on Corgies yesterday. I actually won it on April 1st during the very last round of the trap door type of game thing so I didn’t have any hope it would even show up, figured it was an april fool’s joke lol. I wasn’t very disappointed until i saw someone got an 8thousand dollar camera :roll_eyes: rude lol.

•green abe lincoln woot bag
•200sq ft aluminum foil
•a ream of computer paper
• 2 silicone basting brushes
•pink collapsible basket (crap)
•woot glow in the dark bracelet
•composition notebook
•stella & Grace face mask brushes
•Dragon Ball Z started pack / card game
•fabric Sharpie
•Queen shower cap
•2 silicone pie crust shields


My April Fools Boats on Canals arrived yesterday:

Green “Abe” Woot bag (cropped out of picture)
Glitter art book
Leafy design cinch sack
2 jade face rollers
72ct pirate temp tattoos
“Nicer” woot coaster
Homy accessories pack
Paper clips
S7 edge phone case
Seventh Generation baby wipes
Teal rubber gloves
Air compressor pressure control
First aid to go kit
Nipple covers
Yellow duck tape
Mini USB cable
Pink “in the park…” dog shirt
Fabric strip. Possibly a head wrap. Has some kind of beads in it but not many. May supposed you be a cooling style missing it’s contents - we went ahead and tossed this since the lack of beads just made the whole thing weird.

The 5yo thought she got a phone, when she took the case and opened it, she was very disappointed it wasn’t an actual phone. So thank you Woot! Disappointment was had


first BOC in eons:

1 stainless steel double walled wine cup with lid, burgandy (yes, I’m a wineaux)
1 set of 8 silicon tipped stainless steel straws and cleaning brushes
1 box of 150 colored paper clips
1 roll of heart stickers, various designs
5 coin sized batteries
1 50ft roll of hot pink narrow satin ribbon (good thing I have young granddaughters)
1 size med ladies blue v-neck t-shirt- Class of 1998
1 size XL ladies tank top, with patriotic design, suitable for July 4th festivities
1 Learn to Letter kit with pens and practice pages
1 package of 10 gift bags, smallish size, beach scene with hearts
1 very large roll of black gaffers tape
1 pink iphone charger cable and charger plug
Woot AfterDark bracelet and plastic bracelet clip
1 Green Woot bag, Abe style


Poor puppy, you can talk about anyone…but not someone’s family, the puppy is the most undefendable family member. Puppy therapy time​:disappointed_relieved::dog2:


How do you get a BOC

First BOC ever, WOO HOO!! I was so excited to see what everyone else got (and a little jealous) but here’s what I got:

  1. Abe Woot Bag
  2. Thigh Support Sleeve
  3. Muck Boot Clogs - Size 10
  4. Rheumatism Awareness tee
  5. #wootafterdark glow bracelet (the kiddo LOVED this)
  6. Makeup removal cloths
  7. Rubber Dog Frisbee (kiddo has already laid claim to it)
  8. Hose Plug for RVs (maybe we will need to buy one to use it)
  9. Paper Clips
  10. Adapter
  11. Inflator Pump
  12. 5 Boxes of assorted incense (they NEEDED to stay in the bag)

Can’t say I’m super excited over my stash…but I’ll likely still try to get another one next time! THANKS, WOOT!!


Here’s my Bad Ok Cool!

  1. Woot tote bag
  2. Box of plastic badge holders
  3. Fractions workbook (am I finally going to learn math?)
  4. Makeup remover cloths
  5. Interior Kwikset door knob (looks used)
  6. Plastic collapsible basket
  7. Neon Art book with gel pens
  8. Safe water bottle
  9. Filters for mask
  10. Under Armour t-shirt with collar (best of all)
  11. Muzzle for a large dog

I’m somewhat disappointed but you can do better (worse). Thanks, Woot!

bad ok cool


Here’s the haul:

  • Woot Abe bag
  • Don’t tell me to smile t-shirt, XL
  • Everybody rock (Rick?) your body t-shirt, M
  • tub of binder clips that were apparently sitting right next to someone else’s incense they got
  • tub of paper clips
  • (2) Lutron dimmer switch replacement knobs
  • pirate temporary tattoos
  • tinted lip balm
  • a USB cable for an Xbox one controller
  • inflator adapters
  • iPhone 5 button replacement kit
  • silver sharpies 2 pack
  • nail file
  • woot coaster (paper)
  • screen protector for a galaxy phone
  • revolving card holder
  • headband missing it’s stuffing
  • neon art book


My Bad Okay Cool was truly disappointing! Tote bag, gaffer tape, coaster, small binder clips, something triangular with a metal stand, a queen shower cap, a sweat suit with extremely large zippers, and a german medicinal cream that I plan to translate asap


I forgot, there was also a “pin the nose on the snowman” game that I think my kids might actually enjoy


The german cream is toothpaste, but that smell will not be going anywhere near my mouth.


My friend got her bad okay cool BOC today. Her first BOC. She’s not a poster so I told her I’d post for her. Especially bc she scored a pair of men’s ray ban sunglasses! Went to her husband. Also notable things were hearing aid batteries, panda shower cap, kids t shirt xs, kids costume jewelry “diamond” ring, 3 pairs of unisex wool socks, binder clips, and some other crap. All in all a good haul for her. Unlike my BOC that I got this month. @ThunderThighs does woot always give first times something awesome so they keep coming back for more?


For people like my brother who likes to collect guns! He would love something like that :joy:

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I’m disappointed… I know that’s the point - but I’ve seen several people getting their Bad Ok Cool today. Mine isn’t scheduled to arrive until Monday. Why do I have to wait so long!?

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