:w_boc: Post your Crap for March 2020

I won a Best ol’ Carriages! Woot!! Can’t wait to post! :grin:


My bag of crappiness was just that. Included a set of ripped sheets with a note from the person that returned them saying they ripped when they tried to use them. Very poor quality. I agree with that. Yuck, used sheets.

Woot!, I want to win!

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Dude, the woman’s on vacation! She needs a break.

From you, mainly. And @therealjrn. Mostly you, though.



No, @therealjrn is worse. I’m perfectly fine and always perfect on here.

Her birthday is coming up (March 19th). What should we get her?


Gum. I hear there’s a shortage.


Yeah, because of @sammydog01 and her impulse purchases.


A buck a stick. PM me.


The attorney general will be contacting you shortly.

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I… don’t know? I don’t work for Woot, I just post on forums (way too much, apparently…)

Good luck though, I hope it works out for you!

Today’s digital crap was a whole lot of big red. I ain’t got no shortage here!


This has been may absolute favorite BOC. My favorite items are the tiny USB powered lamp (IT WORKS!)

, the reusable rainbow straw that says “World’s Worst Vape Pen” I honestly cackled when I read it and the 3d art pen kit (which actually seems to be a complete set! Missing from the picture is the reusable Woot! bag and a giant Yo Kai plushie.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls (and Woot staff): here is the moment you have ALL been waiting for: the March edition of “my Bag of Crap!”

This one was SO not disappointing, I was disappointed by our utter lack of disappointment because it had such awesome stuff in there!

Let’s start with the worst of it:
1 reusable swim diaper, 18mos. We have friends. Friends with an infant. So. This is fine.

2 copies of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Season 2 on DVD. Apparently season 2 was either really awesome and I should watch it twice or really bad and nobody wanted it so now I have it.

1 clipboard. Pink. Those are always useful?

1 large vacuum compression bag. We’re moving soon, so yay!

1 box of freezer quart storage bags. Yup to these!

1 display port to display port cable. As a tech guy you can never have too many cables.

1 small litter box. Which works perfectly for construction paper storage, btw!

1 compact pencil sharpener. I’m ALWAYS looking for these things!

1 woot bag. NY just banned plastic bags so these are gold right now.

1 pipe cleaner thingie. No idea but it looks cool.

And the best of the best:
1 build you own name Mega Blocks Monster High kit. My daughter went nuts.

1 teenage mutant ninja turtles youth large costume. My son went nuts. It’s huge on him. He doesn’t care.

Pics or it didn’t happen, right?


Nice crap and fun for the kids!

However, believe me, after multiple bags of crap with these exact cables in them…YES indeed, you CAN have too many cables. Especially these display port to display port cables! haha

I really think there should be new chances to win blockers of corona (BOC)!! I desperately want one this month.

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Maybe as a token of sympathy Woot will temporarily drop the 31 day rule!?? :rofl:


Yep, and TT, our beloved Oprah pf BoCs, on her return from vacation, will tell us all to look under our seats. "Yes, you get a Boc, you get a BoC, you get a BoC… etc,

Well, one can dream!


A couple of days late in posting, won my BOC on the app game, water not included:


Did your keyboard come with the USB sync thing?

My keyboard did not.