Post your Crap for May & June 2020

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Yeah, exactly.

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My BOC arrived today! Here’s what we got:

  • Green Woot bag (we usually get blue, nice switch up)
  • A Finding Dory pop up toy
  • A cover for a Snoogle maternity pillow
  • Another Woot monkey and it’s a pattern I don’t have yet, yay!
  • A children’s book called Flower Girl that really creeps me out because it’s like a photo book for a wedding I never went to and don’t know the people in it
  • 50 more clear badge holders
  • 2 different iPhone 7 cases
  • A Shimmer and Shine genie necklace toy
  • 450 paper clips (useful!)
  • A sticky and squishy tootsie roll toy
  • Another copy of season 2 of Agents of Shield
  • A pair of gardening gloves (useful!)

Thanks woot! I love it all!! (Except for that weird book lmao)


FIRST crap in such a very very long time! I am so excited!

New Bag!
Monkey (which makes everything else just extra)
phone case
badge holders
with love stickers
luggage tags (for the trip to CA I had to cancel?)
gardening gloves
hand warmers (for these frigid MN winters!)
pumpkin napkins
knob for cabinet
2 kids books
some little glass replacement parts

and the thing I am kind of excited about??? Touchless Soap dispenser! If it works it will be great, if it doesn’t it could be so very messy!

Oh and the funniest thing, says it is even compatible with rechargeable batteries :rofl: um, isn’t everything that takes batteries compatible with rechargeables??? ha


My dogs loved it!

Thanks Woot!


Yes, let’s go with that. It’s part of our grand scheme to recycle and rehome them.

What the heck!??! Why are you burning our lovely bags?
And Super Dog is a great name.

Welcome to the Agents of Shield Club. Give the pupper a scritch from me.

I have no idea. Was it from us?

You don’t. They’re new. Two new designs are in the wild.

I was just catching up on the current/last season this weekend.

There it is. The dramatic exit. Oh, how I love these. We do our best. You try building 20K BOCs a year and see how you do on the randomness.


I need some. The neighbor has sticker weeds next to my yard that I need to pull up. Hate those stickers.

Poor monkey tug-of-war. And then he screamed.


Kindly give your dogs lots of loves on my behalf.

Almost exactly like mine (except you got a a 3rd book, Terminator instead of Luggage Tags, and a sticky thing instead of Math cards). Rainbow paperclips were the highlight for me too! :rainbow:

Getting one of the new bags is pretty cool, but since it was my first BOC, I don’t have any of the others anyway… :woman_shrugging:


Anger is a gift? Uhh…yeah, not.

@sammydog01–if one Agents is good, then 27 must be even that much betterer. You know it’s so. You know you want more Shields. Oh, wait, that doesn’t sound quite good does it. Nebbermind, I’ll go sit back on the naughty bench.

Along with peace. Here, let me slide over and make room for you. Oh, and sammy, too.

Hey, that doesn’t matter, so long as the reception is full of tastiness. Hm, does that still sound naughty. Hi bench, I’m back again.

Actually, I have seen things that specify not to use rechargeables in them. And before you ask, no. I don’t remember now what they were. I just know it 'cause like you I scratched my head over it.

@Karisa61–JAKE IS SO FREAKIN’ ADORABLE!!! And I love how the other two immediately got interested, 'cause Jake had something they didn’t. Scritch their magic spots from me!



What’s the other one which is in the wild?

ThunderThighsWoot Staff


Yes, let’s go with that. It’s part of our grand scheme to recycle and rehome them.

Hmmm… I remember getting a few of these re-homed to me in a previous BOC.


I guess I should have acted more excited then.



Went to visit my parents this weekend and brought some gifts with me. Here’s the costume in action.


Awwwwwwwwwww, who’s a good doggie? YOU are!

Also his gf - he likes them thicc and chunky



Got the Funhouse Barley or Charley BOC yesterday.
I love crap.

I couldn’t even fit it all into a nicely designed flat lay.

We came home with:
-Das Screaming Monkey
-Green Disappointment Bag
-Screwdriver Replacement Bits (!)
-Paper Clips for the WFH age
-Lil jumpin’ Hank from Finding Dory
-Clear Badge Holders for if I ever hold an event again ;(
-The Dreaded Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2
-Sticky Tootsie Pop (Armando the cat approved)
-Clear case for iPhone 7 plus, jokes on me I have one.
-Gardening gloves
-Roominate Sophie’s Ice Cream Cart to feed my miniatures addiction
last but not least
-The HARDCOVER edition of FLOWER GIRL by Barbara Bottner


Thanks for the smiles Woot fam.


Barley of Charley came today, and it was spectacularly disappointing. The real disappointment, though, is the knowledge that we birthday BOC-blocked ourselves for next month… sigh.

Here’s the haul:
Obligatory Woot bag
Four pink Hawaiian leis (I mean… the jokes just write themselves on this one…)
a flying screaming woot monkey (finally! Our fifth BOC and first flying monkey)
Shimano standard bike brake cable set (hubby and son both use their bikes pretty often, so this might actually come in handy)
3XL plain black vneck T-shirt (a few sizes too big for anyone here… going in the donation bin)
armband for an iPhone 6/6 plus (also fits our 11’s… might be useful)
Hardback book called The Gift of Anger: Use Passion to Build Not Destroy (actually looks pretty interesting)
Orioles money clip (only Cubs/Nats fans in our house… going in the donation bin)
Agents of Shield season 2 dvd (have to be careful not to put this too close to the Agents of Shield DVD from a prior BOC, lest they reproduce)
Telescoping duster (meh… gussy it up all ya like, Trebek… telescoping dusting is still just dusting)
Sesame Street toy set (my daughter said we should give this to my nephew, but darn it… it’s Mr. Hooper’s store and I’m a child of the 80s… it may very well just go on my office shelf)
And a magnetic dog poetry set (we do have a dog, and I’m sure she is endowed with a deep appreciation of the finer arts and humanities, but she also happens to be blind, so we’ll have to arrange and read the poetry magnets to her)

All in all, not the best BOC we’ve

ever gotten but not the worst, either.


Got my BOC today. Nothing super exciting, so no picture. (Disappointment abounds.)

Here’s the rundown:
A couple of books
Second round of Agents of Shield
Ladies Gardening Gloves
A slipcover for a Snoogle.
A necklace toy for ages 3+.
Hank toy from Finding Dory (apparently, he pops up and down)
A couple of iPhone 7 covers
A screaming woot monkey
A green woot bag
A tootsie roll squishy

And… probably the only usable thing was a multi-color assortment of paperclips.


So, has ANYONE EVER come out of the dreaded Vestibule of Doom with a BOC? Just wondering.

Yep. The vestibule is basically a waiting room to help Woot’s servers handle the strain. I’ve been in there and managed to score crap more than once. I’m sure others have, as well. But I’ve also had a lot of times where I didn’t get crap. It’s just how it works.

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