Post your Crap for May & June 2020

What’s the other one which is in the wild?

ThunderThighsWoot Staff


Yes, let’s go with that. It’s part of our grand scheme to recycle and rehome them.

Hmmm… I remember getting a few of these re-homed to me in a previous BOC.


I guess I should have acted more excited then.



Went to visit my parents this weekend and brought some gifts with me. Here’s the costume in action.


Awwwwwwwwwww, who’s a good doggie? YOU are!

Also his gf - he likes them thicc and chunky



Got the Funhouse Barley or Charley BOC yesterday.
I love crap.

I couldn’t even fit it all into a nicely designed flat lay.

We came home with:
-Das Screaming Monkey
-Green Disappointment Bag
-Screwdriver Replacement Bits (!)
-Paper Clips for the WFH age
-Lil jumpin’ Hank from Finding Dory
-Clear Badge Holders for if I ever hold an event again ;(
-The Dreaded Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 2
-Sticky Tootsie Pop (Armando the cat approved)
-Clear case for iPhone 7 plus, jokes on me I have one.
-Gardening gloves
-Roominate Sophie’s Ice Cream Cart to feed my miniatures addiction
last but not least
-The HARDCOVER edition of FLOWER GIRL by Barbara Bottner


Thanks for the smiles Woot fam.


Barley of Charley came today, and it was spectacularly disappointing. The real disappointment, though, is the knowledge that we birthday BOC-blocked ourselves for next month… sigh.

Here’s the haul:
Obligatory Woot bag
Four pink Hawaiian leis (I mean… the jokes just write themselves on this one…)
a flying screaming woot monkey (finally! Our fifth BOC and first flying monkey)
Shimano standard bike brake cable set (hubby and son both use their bikes pretty often, so this might actually come in handy)
3XL plain black vneck T-shirt (a few sizes too big for anyone here… going in the donation bin)
armband for an iPhone 6/6 plus (also fits our 11’s… might be useful)
Hardback book called The Gift of Anger: Use Passion to Build Not Destroy (actually looks pretty interesting)
Orioles money clip (only Cubs/Nats fans in our house… going in the donation bin)
Agents of Shield season 2 dvd (have to be careful not to put this too close to the Agents of Shield DVD from a prior BOC, lest they reproduce)
Telescoping duster (meh… gussy it up all ya like, Trebek… telescoping dusting is still just dusting)
Sesame Street toy set (my daughter said we should give this to my nephew, but darn it… it’s Mr. Hooper’s store and I’m a child of the 80s… it may very well just go on my office shelf)
And a magnetic dog poetry set (we do have a dog, and I’m sure she is endowed with a deep appreciation of the finer arts and humanities, but she also happens to be blind, so we’ll have to arrange and read the poetry magnets to her)

All in all, not the best BOC we’ve

ever gotten but not the worst, either.


Got my BOC today. Nothing super exciting, so no picture. (Disappointment abounds.)

Here’s the rundown:
A couple of books
Second round of Agents of Shield
Ladies Gardening Gloves
A slipcover for a Snoogle.
A necklace toy for ages 3+.
Hank toy from Finding Dory (apparently, he pops up and down)
A couple of iPhone 7 covers
A screaming woot monkey
A green woot bag
A tootsie roll squishy

And… probably the only usable thing was a multi-color assortment of paperclips.


So, has ANYONE EVER come out of the dreaded Vestibule of Doom with a BOC? Just wondering.

Yep. The vestibule is basically a waiting room to help Woot’s servers handle the strain. I’ve been in there and managed to score crap more than once. I’m sure others have, as well. But I’ve also had a lot of times where I didn’t get crap. It’s just how it works.

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Not my best bad, but not the worst. Glad I have a kid and like to read. Not sure what one of the gadgets is.


First off, what the lleh is a Snoogle?
Second off, what the lleh is wrong with you? You get a much-coveted screaming woot! monkey and an always-useful woot! bag, and you say the only usable thing is the clips. WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH YOU SIR OR MADAM??? :kissing_cat:

If you post a closeup pic of said gadget, I guarantee someone on the forum will know what it is. If nothing else, we’ll have fun coming up with increasingly-less-probable uses of said gadget :smile_cat:



All the craps! And sticky pooo!!!





My bag is already dealing out the disappointment, and it’s not even in my possession yet.

For reference, I live just north-east of Sacramento, CA.

Bag arrived in West Sac on 6/26 with an eta of 6/30 - yay!

Sat with no updates and arrived in West Sac again on 6/29 - ah, okay…

6/30, arrived in Oakland - nooooooo

Supposedly it’s going to be delivered on 7/3, right in time for me to be out of town.

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haha… I really don’t know what a snoogle is, either. I think it’s supposed to be a body-long sleeping pillow intended for pregnant women. It would have been really cool if my BOC had included the snoogle, but alas – it only included the snoogle-case.

On the screaming monkey… well, yes, the screaming monkey is very cool. Point conceded. But like the duplicate “Agent of Shield Season 2” dvd, one can only take so many of the same screaming monkeys.

And the green woot bag – yes! I love these. I take them to the grocery store, and the cashier (usually) credits me a nickel off my purchase for bringing a reusable bag. But… again… CORONA!!! … has taken away the joy of receiving my nickel-back from the reusable bag, since my local grocer now insists that we only use his disposable bags, until things get back to normal.

So… as you can see… the paperclips are really awesome… and everything else is… well… it did come in a box of crap.

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Ok. I will cede the bag being CURRENTLY not-useful. But only currently so. Delayed usefulness is still usefulness.

But I will argue that one can NEVER take so many of the same screaming monkeys. Ask peace about her monkey tree with the scary googley eyes. There are ALWAYS useful things one can do with a screaming monkey.

As for Agents, its usefulness for me will be in providing weight to a Mystery Box. Or perhaps one will go into ea Box. Along with its mate the black*ish dvd.


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Woot hits it out of the park with yet another bag of disappointment.

I received the following: one woot bag, one screaming monkey, one unboxed Cake Splat children’s toy, one 4 piece bamboo utensils set and one generic 8 fl oz stainless steel mug.


Thank you for posting as I got the exact same box except also included in mine was a book called “Fillets of Plaice” and a dollar store plastic tablecloth and a iPhone crap cover for a 7 model. I didn’t even want to photo it but thanks for doing it for me.