Post your Crap for May & June 2020

Didn’t get any crap these past 2 months. Though I never posted about my last BOC… it was anything but crap. Actually used about 3/4 of the contents.

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Boost our Caboose Ordered during Jun 17 WOOTOFF - Estimated delivery date: Sunday, July 5, 2020 - received June 22 (so 13 days ahead of schedule but I live less than 45 miles from WOOT! Headquarters, so that probably helps.) An good amount of stuff with enough I will keep to make it worth the cost and enough Crap to make it sufficiently disappointing. I think this is my 8th BOC, with lots more unsuccessful attempts, so probably months of wasted time involved – and yes, it is worth it for the disappointment.

Items received from left to right and top to bottom: ( * - items I will keep) (# - items I will give to family) (^ - going to the thrift store)

*2 extra coarse sanding belts
^Titans football shaped mylar balloon
#Round ceramic picture frame (Bluebird) with white box
*Green – Never shopping at WOOT! Bag
#Face paint push up crayons
^Team jewelry (Braves necklace)
^ZMan 5 pk of BatwingZ fishing lures - Green Pumpkin Red (They look red until held up to the light, and then look green.)
^Pistol Pete fishing fly lures
*Silicone mold with Snowman, bells, reindeer, oak leaf and acorns (I will definitely use this with fondant!)
*Flexible scraper (I think this may work for removing items from my 3D printer bed.)
#Spool of embroidery thread
#Team utility gloves (blue, Panthers)
^Tap soother – draft beer faucet cap
#Ceramic bath tumbler
#Art Flag - 28” x 40” Robins and flowers
*1 ring clamp
^1 kinda wingnut looking thingy with label too faded to read
^Leviton replacement plug
*5 tiny O rings
*2 air hose connectors
*11 pack of multi-colored paper roses
#Button release communion cup filler
^Family car stickers with sports theme
#Emma Dilema book
#Multi-colored flying pig


Lets see, I got:
A reusable Woot bag, a composition notebook, some Halloween plates, a deck of extra wide cards, gardening gloves (I needed some of those, and they have dogs on them, extra cute), two Iphone cases, a case for a My Passport, a SCREAMING MONKEY!!! (my last one disappeared, I suspect the small dog), a beer necklace, three books (the Hillary one is going in the White Elephant), some underpants that actually fit me (NICE), some neat luggage tags, an embroidered pillow case that grandma will love, and a usb C cord that I also actually needed. Not so disappointing this time.



Please give them lots of loves. And pats. And treats. And belly rubs. And scritches.


Oh I do. They’ll get extra today too because it’s big bad boom day.

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My Barley or Charley
First to woot from the fun house

  • Doggy Tutu
  • 2 IPhone 7 cases
  • Cowgirl cook book
  • Little Charmers Hazel costume
  • Luggage Tags
  • Doggie Magnetic Poetry
  • Agents of Shield Season 2
  • Charging station surge protector
  • Kindle Fire Stylus
  • Bacon and Eggs Monkey
  • Bag of Disappointment


Your dog looks really excited to wear a tutu


I can’t help but notice you didn’t try to put that tutu on the cat
Wise move

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Awwww. Good doggy.

Thank you slgider12 for almost having the same BOC as me! Now makes my posting easier.

I got my BOC yesterday (July 4th) from my Dad who picked it up for my at my apartment in a different state because I didn’t feel like I had time to change my address to my temporary address out of state (summer internship), and when I contacted customer service, they wouldn’t let me update my address. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is my “pic:”

Only differences were subbing out the Dory toy for the little Terminator Mega Blocks set, and subbing out the iPhone cases for the Agenda Mover book (which actually looks quite useful! I was wanting to read a book on leadership, and this is one, and has all 5-star reviews on Amazon) and some book in Italian?? Plus they subbed out the tootsie roll toy for LED light connector things (which are completely useless to me).

Also, I’m actually excited for Agents of SHIELD season 2 as I watched s1 but never got around to watching more.:slight_smile:


Now why would you suspect Small Dog? Just 'cause Small Dog is already checking out and making plans for the new one? Give BOTH doggos scritchies on their magic spots from me, too.

Spreading the disappointment, I see. That is one not-happy-looking dog. “Why are you making me wear this thing?”

Ok, I just zoomed in. “Excited” is very def NOT the word I would use. Doggo deserves EXTRA extra scritchies in the magic spot!


ooooh, science experiment!

Looks like it’s taking a tour of CA.


Maybe we won’t want to send the next one.

Gasp! Didn’t POST!?!??!

Had to search the photo for what that was. lol

Also, doggos!!

Oh that face! You take that off that doggo RIGHT NOW!

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Much the same crap for me as others. A bag, a monkey!, some stickers and magnets, a book, gardening gloves, some random Amazon basics stuff, some hole drilling bits (yay!) and the hand ice mold (my favorite thing). Happily disappointed in my crap haul!


Oh my god this is so hilarious to me hahaha thank you for this

Edit: what is this cake next to my name is it my cake day?!! Yeeeeeeeee

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Happy birthday. :smiley:

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Haha thank you! :cake: for all!

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Glad you enjoyed it. :slight_smile:

And Happy Birthday!

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I do love seeing what people got. It’s fun. I’m so glad that Woot/Amazon keep up with this wonderful, random joy.

I came back just to see this photo. It HAS to be my favorite Woot pet photo of all time!

I mean, just look at this face!


Sorry, I’ve been remiss in not posting sooner!

  • Woot bag
  • John Deere Beanbags- my son got a new cornhole set for Father’s Day, so he’ll have a spare set of bags.
  • Gas valve shutoff key
  • notebook of graph paper
  • Back in Time video
  • 4-outlet power strip
  • Carolina Panthers utility gloves
  • bag of balloons
  • set of 3 mini gift bags
  • dual switch plate
  • billboard flashlight
  • Minecraft ultimate handbook
  • Washington (football team) earrings- now politically incorrect
  • fishing lures
  • some sort of scraper or spatula
  • luggage tags
  • kitten collar?
  • plastic straws
  • one drawer pull