💩 Post your JANUARY 2020 CRAPS!!!!

I once received the classic Woot bag, which promptly ripped the first time I tried to use it at the market. In that same BOC, I got an iphone case for an iphone 5, which was only 4 iphone versions ago. And, to top it off, I got 25 pens (of which about 8 worked), with a button that made a fart noise. The people at work loved that part of the BOC.

Thanks (I think) Woot!


Woot! …another euphemism for flatulence?

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Greatest BoC EVER!!!


My first Bag of crap!!
The Chicago Bears jersey is size 3X. Probably big enough to fit a literal bear!
The light fixture made me laugh. Almost like they ripped it off a wall in their office!
Forgot to include the box of coffee filters… it’s already in my coffee cabinet. Thanks!


My best bag of cantaloupes to date.

Thanks woot!



What a giant bag of crap. Forgot to photo the woot bag but it was in there. Some football shirts, a light for someone to wire into the ceiling, a ton of kids musical instruments and a couple of other crappy things.
That’s it!! I’m done with woot!!


Wow, that box was packed!


I got my bag of crap!!! Bag and a TV?!?? Thanks Woot! Loyal customer forever


A fun assortment of items… some really bizarre like the random single spark plug…


Bag of Crap load= two t-shirts, plastic gloves, emoticon plastic ball, bike wheel lights, jet pen, fly fishing thingy, reader glasses, tissues, switch, plastic connector, helicopter battery frame, decorative bed sheet with 2 pillow covers and a bag that has “I’m never shopping at Woot!again” ! :poop: thanks Woot :poop:




3XL Jerry Rice T-shirt
Queen duvet cover
Woot lip balm
Mario stamp
Ball game
Magnifying glass with stand
Kids witch costume
Woot bag

My Crappy Binging on Carbs bag of crap, now I wait patiently for 31 days!


BInging on Carbs

  • Indianapolis Colts Pillow Pal “plushie” [that’s for you @Froodyfrog] - I’ll snuggle with this whilst watching Andrew Luck flawlessly execute Josh McDaniel’s game plan during the Super Bowl! Oh wait…Sorry Indy. This this stallion could not be contained and had pushed open the bottom of the box. I’ll assume this, in turn, caused the laptop, tv, and iPhone to fall out

  • Marvel Captain America XXL dog costume - Morrison the Lazy Dog would have done it proud, rest his soul. Perhaps the Hound of the Baskervilles would like it?

  • 11 bags of art/craft beads. - Bag of Crap full of beads? Glad they are of the crafting variety…and not of the more crappy kind. Really feel like I dodged a bullet here.

  • WOOT lip balm - Huzzah, I thought! A gift for Mrs. Wootson. But alas, without even looking, she correctly predicted the “made in China” origin and dismissed it with a “that crap will make your lips fall off”

  • Cone Ball Shooter Game - Not even the Dollar Store could unload this junk

  • Full Brim Yellow Hard Hat - For those days when you want your job-site ensemble to suggest just a hint of Safari.

  • 2XL shirt.woot “My Spirit Animal Gives the Best Loot” - I love that this poncho sized bolt of ringspun cotton is in the “fitted cut”…because most XXL guys I know are looking to accentuate that gut/love handle region. @Narfcake, if I wash and dry it on max heat a few times, think I can shrink it down to a large?

  • iPad sleeve - This will do a great job holding my first generation iPad Mini that no one ever uses!

  • YackTrax, Small - It’s like tire chains for your tiny feet!

  • Hackle Pliers - It plies ALL the hackles!

  • Green “I’m never shopping at Woot! again” bag - this is the new style crap sack. Fellow Aldi shoppers will be jealous

But wait, after sorting though all of this CRAP, what is in that smaller box? As is my natural inclination, I investigated. And what did I discover? Why a new piece of high-tech detecting equipment! A handheld magnifying glass…with light! The holy grail for a gumshoe like me!

Thanks @Woot_Staff for the fun.
P.S. Will Jack from customer service be contacting me regarding the laptop, tv, and iPhone?

-mdW [ :w_boc: #7]


I am seeing some nicer things appear in these later bags of crap, now I cannot wait for another woot-off…feels like sooo long since my black friday crap. Was in California for an entire month since then even!

Nice thing is I missed our 18 inches of snow storm, my hubby got to hand shovel every bit of it! Good thing he has a strong heart!


Sadly my BOC seems to be lost. The last shipping update was 4 days ago and it was supposed to be delivered on Thursday. Hopefully it will show up.

As of Monday, 7 days no update on shipping.

Oh I don’t know, I would have LOVED to get those musical instruments! Would have made a great gift for my grand-daughter.


We received:

  • 1 large pillow with a cityscape print
  • 2 light-up emoji puffer balls
  • 1 instant light bulb
  • 1 Woot bag
  • 1 Woot chapstick (we haven’t tried it, but we’re sure it is disappointment-flavored)
  • 1 nozzle for a garden hose
  • 1 San Francisco 49ers hoodie
  • 1 plastic rain poncho
  • 1 Delta State University long-sleeved t-shirt

Not Pictured:

  • 1 mystery vinyl cover that may or may not be for a car (it came in a rectangular bag with a zipper and no tags or labels)

Another interesting combination of things. However, this marks 6 straight BoCs with no monkey! The last monkey we received was in March 2019 - in our opinion, that’s way too long of a streak.

Hermetta is still enjoying her vacation, but she sends her best. Thanks, TT!


If it’s Port and Company, it’s the regular classic. If it’s Bella + Canvas, it’s fitted. The size difference is more pronounced for women.

Neither brand will shrink down that much, no matter how hot your washer and dryer gets.

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It’s B+C (fitted). I’ve got 10 of this style in my shirt.woot collection.

Oh well, I’ve got some friends who can use the xxl!