💩 Post your JANUARY 2020 CRAPS!!!!

Or wear it as a sleep shirt.

(It’s what I do with the oversized shirts I buy second hand.)

“Amazing news, Lady Puffle, I have obtained a bag of crap from a video game involving the death of monkeys.”

“Oh no, Sir Fuzzybut, did you expend more money on useless debris?”

“Well, Lady Puffle, there is a possibility that my prize will include a priceless sphere of lip balm that is reported to smell like Carmex.”

“If that is the case, Sir Fuzzybutt I will apologize profusely for doubting the wisdom of your crap purchase.”


I just performed a highly scientific side-by-side smell test of both Carmex and the Woot lip balm using an extremely scientific group of one person (myself). I can say with utmost certainty that will definitely stand up to rigorous repeat testing that they do NOT smell alike. The Woot lip balm smells BETTER.

Yes, I know. I’m shocked, too. I can’t really define what the Woot stuff smells like but it’s nice. I haven’t used it, though, so it could kill you if you actually put it on your face.


This is the biggest boc I’ve ever gotten!

Towel set
Box of washers
Fireless tea candles
Karaoke microphone
Back to the Future documentary Blu-ray
Man, my fingers are tired!

Thanks for the disappointment, woot :wink:


And now, disappoint always.

You were expecting a car? TV? Confetti & a party? You ordered and received disappointment. LOL

Ah. hahah. snort

We aim for odd? Mostly just disappointment though. We like to set the bar low.


Hey now! My lips haven’t fallen off yet!

Oh no! Check with UPS to see if they can locate it. If no luck there, reach out to Woot Customer Service. From a browser, use the Woot Customer Service form. In the Woot App, choose Account from the bottom navigation and then Support.

LOL. I love that. If there was room, we should have added that.

YES! The return of Sir Fuzzybutt!



Mrs. W’s loss is my gain! Hoping chapped lips will be a thing of the past (our until I run out of a Woot Balm)


How should the Woot lip balm be branded?

  • Woot Balm
  • Woot Goop
  • Woot Smoocher Salve
  • Woot’s Chinese Carmex knockoff
  • Woot Lip Crap

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BOC shipping shows a measly 3.5 lbs. of crap; much less than earlier Bags of Crap…WOOT! appears to be taking this 2020 weight-loss resolution seriously!

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  • 1 package of art canvasses (claimed by wife)
  • 1 pair of socks (too small for my feet, claimed by wife)
  • 1 pack of kid’s hangars (claimed by wife)
  • 1 tier set of curtains
  • 1 heat activated mug hiding a picture of 2 dogs (claimed by wife)
  • Woot bag (claimed by wife)
  • 6 toy dinosaurs (claimed by child)
  • 1 workout safety vest (claimed by…not gonna fit either of us)
  • 1 handheld magnifying glass with stand (may pawn off on father-in-law)
  • 1 Woot lip balm (claimed by wife)
  • 2 USPS mailing envelopes, unused (claimed by wife)
  • 100 18”x13” resealable zipper bags, which Amazon doesn’t even sell in this quantity anymore. Trying to convince the wife she can use these for…stuff
  • 1 set, Baltimore Oriole stick family decals (claimed by child)
  • 2 other random sheets of stickers (claimed by child)

Pictured, but not included with BOC:

  • 1 pair of scissors (claimed by wife)
  • 1 child arm and leg (claimed by child)

All in all, a surprisingly useful (maybe?) haul! Something for the kiddo to make him think he got a package, several somethings for the wife so she’ll let me continue to buy these in the future, and a lot of disappointment for me!


The Bells on Cthulhu (and my doorbell) rang today!

-3pk Kid’s hangers
-Lens cleaning cloth
-Baltimore Ravens necklace
-Tea strainer
-Jumper’s knee strap (I had to google jumper’s knee-WebMD said I don’t currently suffer from it)
-Some kind of rose mold (for chocolate or candles-who knows)
-Magnetic bookmark
-Exclamation sticky tags
-A lightbulb
-2 pairs of hand warmers
-Some “helping hands” for phones/remote controls
-Fantastic Beasts handbook
-A TCU mug
-Penguin and turtle socks
-A woot! shirt
-Inflatable torch (perfect for a re-enactment of the opening ceremony of the Olympics this year)
Oh and of course a “I’m never shopping at Woot! again” bag and the disappointment scented, crap flavored Woot! lip balm


I sense a theme.

WINNER! I think you got the best item!

Tier set or would that be Tear set, given the disappointment




Are those DINOSAURS?


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I got a cute little squirtgun, a really nice Tokyo sweatshirt (too small, bummed), some performance boxer briefs in a color no man in my house would be caught wearing dead, and a box of 100 file folders.

AND WOOT LIP BALM! The packaging says lip gloss. It is pretty glossy. SCORE!


And a tea strainer and a silicone sponge too!


And two badge holders!


I thought you wrote “And two badger holders!” and I’m incredibly disappointed I was wrong.


May your lips be forever glossy… until you run out.