:w_boc: Post your JANUARY 2022 CRAPS!!

Also, Barry says thanks for the bunny pops!!


Got my BoC today! I hate flossing, so thank you for packing 3 of them to remind me to do so. Lol.

-3x GUM Flossers
-Jumbo plastic clips
-Set of 3 plastic containers with lids
-2x Belts / Black, Grey
-2x Disney Whisker Haven toys
-Hot glue gun
-Mini frisbee? (With !)
-Plastic fruit picks
-2x baking cups (500ct)
-Office Depot Tab Dividers
-3M Rubber splicing tape
-Note cube & Mini pen set
-Gildan performance shirt (Medium)
-2x gym shorts / Blue, Grey (Small)
-Rainbird Sprinkler!


Here’s what you get when you are Bussing Over Chicago at midnight on New Years:
Purple woot bag (I’m really loving adding a new design to the collection!)
Purple boot socks (huge ones, but fun!)
Ronnen travel bag
Whisker Haven glitzy glitter friends (did you know that Belle has a strange pink cat with a tail 4 times her size in Maurice’s invention room? That must have been in the director’s cut.)
Tweezer set
Bowl covers
Rubber cleaning gloves
8 tab dividers
Glove a bubble (guess you dip it in soapy stuff and wave it and voila!)
Case for My Passport Ultra (had to look that up)
Five nights at Freddy’s figure
Santa apron (that will only be used in a very appropriate and respectful manner)
Woot coozy (nice!)

This boc was a bit of a relief, because Woot has mastered the random box version of that knock-knock-banana joke.
Open a bag of crap: it’s a ream of paper!
Open a bag of crap: it’s a ream of paper!
Open a bag of crap: it’s a ream of paper!
Hesitantly lift the next box: it’s light! Thank God, it’s not paper! I love it all, because it’s not paper!


Bussing over Chicago BOC. 12lbs
I scored this BOC on my birthday, Jan 1st which was cool…uhm, I mean disappointing.
I won’t/can’t use most of it but it will be good for gifting or selling.

  • Purple woot bag
  • Cupcake liners × 2 big packs
  • Mens Shorts size 40
  • 4 pack of tupperware containers
  • Metatarsal Foot Pads $12.99
  • 4 pack Jumbo Plastic Clips $7.49
  • Deadliest Catch season 6 $7.99
  • Dreambaby Foam Protectors $22.49
  • Rainbird Maxi-Paw $20.97
  • 24 pack Fruit Picks (12pk on Amazon $41-$53) why so much$? lol
  • Ice Trekker Diamond Grip $35.46
  • 3 × Whisker Haven Glitzy Glitter Friends Sultan & Rouge $22.37 each
  • Pop Games Five Nights at Freddy’s Chica $64.99 on Amazon (again, why?)
  • Woot Frisbee = $priceless
    I’m so bumbed, my dog got ahold of my Woot mini frisbee & chewed it up while I was unpacking the rest of my BOC​:sob:. Really wish I could get a replacement because it is so stinking cute (but then so is my dog, so can’t really be mad):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Your dog is right, they’re far too adorable to get into trouble. That frisbee is theirs now.


The day has arrived! My Bussing over Chicago welcomed me home today after a long day. Seeing it in my driveway brought warmth to my heart and almost made me forget I live in the frozen tundra of northern Vermont.

Well, here we go:

1 purple Woot bag - beautiful
1 four pack of jumbo plastic clips - useful
1 Woot mini frisbee - fun
1 Despicable Me 3 “Jail Escape” minion players - stolen by my four year old
1 8 piece Finding Dory pack of noisemakers - loud
1 EZ Pill Planner - I’ll give to my mother-in-law
1 24 pack of fruit pics with holder - with holder, I say!
1 reach Dentotape? No idea
1 500 pack of cupcake/baking cups - useful!
1 stainless steel funnel thing - ok
1 Nerf Super Soaker Microburst 2 - stolen by my 8 year olds
1 red Oxford composition notebook - brought back fond college memories
1 illumibowl toilet light -hopefully will improve the aim of my children
1 ball of fancy knitting yarn? Ok
1 car seat cover - I pray it will be of ZERO use to me
2 clear iPhone 7 cases - useless
1 set of HP10 stereo headphones - probably useful
2 black Ronnen shaving kit bags - useful but not exciting

All in all, not disappointing.


My first post and I was hoping to include some better photos but my kids got into the box and started claiming everything first……

The contents of my Bussing over Chicago:

1x purple woot bag

1x WD Grip Pack

1x Self Tanning Glove

1x Pet Grooming Glove

12x mini art easels

1x wet and dry funnel with sieve

6x large clips

1x pack of fruit sticks

1x pair of school uniform pants

1x iPhone 7 case

1x Rolly Cannoli pet toy

1x broken electrical mount box

1x landline phone headset

1x pack of foldable closet box

1x Kiss-off stain remover

2x Disney small cat figurines

1x WWE undertaker toy

1x Woot flying disc


Yay! My Baby on calendar arrived, and everything will be used (eventually), or re-homed.

Included are: a Woot bag, a Woot off sticker +for my hardhat), makeup remover and a knock off Foreo (my DIL claimed), a pair of Thinsulate mittens (grandson), and a Halo costume and a Black Panther mask (when my grandson is older), a faux wicker basket, wall clings of potted plants +will be perfect with my decor), two packages of sleep hair covers (perfect for when I take the time to straighten my natural curls), a card holder, dental floss, and a freaking adorable alicorn hat!!! I love it! Thanks so much Woot! ETA rubber cane tips and a watch band.


This may be the greatest crap EVER!
Unicorn hat for the toddler, lego costume for the 6 year old, toe separators for the wife, a small rake for the garden, some rug sticky things, cool glasses holder for me, flood lamp for the garage, led light bulbs for lamps. Danke gods o crap!


I have a mia electric face scrubber & they look like the same brush it has on it


Woot bag, dog costume, canvas, traction thingies for walking in the snow, door stop, woot koozie, tweezer set, and robot!


• Cuisinart 12pc knife set
• Paper baking cups, 1,000ct
• Fruit picks- bird top, 24ct
• Jumbo plastic clips, 4ct
• Magnetic bag clips, 5ct
• Ronnen Travel bag, black
• “woot.com has the BEST CRAP!” bag
• Caterpillar pet costume, small
• Knee length shorts, brown size 36
• Cat in the Hat t-shirt, gray size 3t
• Scrubber gloves, gray
• Oxford Composition book, yellow
• AM/PM 7 day pill organizer
• woot! exclamation mark frisbee, sm

*cat’s tail did not come in the B.O.C.


Celebrate Happy Birthday GIF by FaZe Clan

Click Old Tom Gin GIF by HouseOfBotanicals

:four_leaf_clover: in future :w_boc:s


This was a extra special Baby on Calendar for me. It was a perfectly timed push notification on my birthday and sorry Woot definitely didn’t disappoint. Not only did it have Baby stuff but also a calendar!!! I knew the naming wasn’t purely random.

  • New York 2021 Calendar - Has great pictures! If only this came in last year.
  • Tommee Tippee - Baby Bottle - fitting for the name of this box!
  • 3x Tommee Tippee - Baby Bottle Nipples - I guess this is perfect for when babies start teething, keep swapping out the tippees
  • S Shaped Curtain Tier - We may be able to use as a scarf (Coffee Colored maybe to use in my coffee filter?)
  • Coffee Filter pack - to match my curtain tier?
  • Apple Lightning port Dongle - This is super useful I was looking for a splitter for listening to music while charging my phone at the same time!
  • Chalk-board
  • Fishing Hooks - Maybe I can fish another Bass over Carrots (BoC) this year?
  • Headphone tips - My old ones are tearing so this is great I can recycle my headphones!
  • 2x Dental Flossers - Clean teeth what more to say
  • 4x Agents of Shield Season 2 Bluray Set - I needed to catch up on season 2 4 times! This is great to share with friends so we can binge together (socially distant of course)
  • Hot Hands Toe Warmers - Its been cold here so this is welcome!
  • Foil Emergency Blanket - Can’t ever have enough of these
  • Triangular Bandage - For when the babies get hurt!
  • Box of paper clips - keep together all the firsts and drawings etc that the babies make!
  • Empty Box of Paperclips - This was the most disappointing part of this boc, didn’t even have one paperclip
  • Cow shaped porcelain container - maybe for some succulents if I can manage to not kill them or have gnats populate it
  • 256 baby wipes - Perfect for a baby or even an adult baby or anyone really
  • Confidential crap bag - No-one should be asking me what I am shopping for anyway.
  • Mort sticker - Keeping an Eye on all the crap!
  • Star Wars mask set with filter inserts - This was fun it includes baby yoda!

And most importantly I got the coveted aluminum foil!!! 200 sq feet of Reynolds goodness!

This was incredibly fun thank you so much woot!! And my best wishes to all the warehouse peeps! Hope they are back and in good health and thank them for putting this together!



Wow you all lucked out! This was my first and I got
3 foot filers
2 season 2 agents of shield DVDs
1 mini chalkboard
1 pack of sparkle putty
4 coffee filters
4 toe warmers
18 trash bags, medium size, blue( yes, seriously)
1 reusable bag with considerable crap on it
And the big one….this

I LOL’d at the chick warmer my husband was mad. Compared to others, we got screwed. Oh well even though this was my first there’s always next time!


I got in the Baby on Calendar the other day and forgot to post. Included are:

  • an XL conceal carry bag
  • a majestic pegasus unicorn pink sparkle hat
  • 2 automatic temperature and pressure relief valves for a water heater
  • an iphone adapter
  • a pack of model rocket engine plugs
  • an RC battery (i think)
  • a shower stick scrubby(?)
  • a purple woot! bag
  • elevated cat bowls
  • nesting doll house building blocks
  • a ukulele chords map
  • breast milk freezer trays
  • a kids book
  • and Amp(s) Air. Just the right one. So if anyone has the left one but no charging case, I’ll take it XD

The heatingplate for chicks you got is $55.99 on Amazon. Maybe you can sell it? or get some chicks :hatched_chick:lol


I think you lucked out, the chick heating plate is only 22 watt. Other chick heating plates, so many more watt.


Loving my January BOC … er, I mean I’m utterly disappointed.

Confidential Crap bag
Two Woot stickers
Pedi set
Empty soap dispenser
Glad Press’nseal
2 Agents of the SHIELD
Box of staples
Sharpie markers
Mylar blanket
3 bags of Plackers
2 chalkboards
PJ Mask costume