:w_boc: Post your July 2021 [Woot! Birthday] BOCs here!!!

Howdy Wooters!

This here nifty thread is for posting your BOC should you be so unlucky as to get one during the month of July 2021 in during our Woot! turns 17 birthday celebrations!


gif courtesy of drgandalf

Remember that you’re promised these things from your BOC:

  • 3 items
  • A bag if we remember to put it in
  • Abject disappointment

If you get more than that, count your blessings or talk to someone about the disappointment that has swallowed up your life.

Order Snafus

You may find that your order got denied or canceled. While this seems totally unfair and you’ll be tempted to complain to anyone that will listen, here’s a few things for your consideration:

  • We will never have enough craps for those wishing to purchase craps.
  • At best, the ratio of people attempting to available craps are 3:1… if you’re lucky. Usually it’s more like 25:1 or more.
  • So many people try that it pushes our servers to the point of wanting to throw in the towel and just crash
  • The servers have been known to crash.

To keep the servers from crashing, we have an order queue. You’ll enter the “Vestibule of Patience” while you wait for your order to be accepted, denied, or canceled. You should not exit the Vestibule to try again because that just puts you at the back of the line.

  • If your order is accepted, then you can brag about your impending disappointment in this here thread and on your social media outlets of choice. :smiley:
  • If your order is denied, it’s nothing personal. It just means that we ran out before your order was processed. It’s our rude way of saying “Sorry!” :cry:
  • If your order was cancelled, you were so, so, so close. So close that your payment went through but gosh darn it, we ran out of BOCs before we assigned one to you. We have to reverse all that work to refund your hard earned money. :angry:

Remember to post what you get!

Now one of the things that makes the Bag of Crap so much darn fun is to see what everyone got. The only way to see what everyone got is if everyone comes back to post what you got. See the trend here?

New EASY-TO-REMEMBER link: www.woot.com/postmyboc

That link will always take you to the current BOC thread (assuming I remember to update the link)

Taking your crap and running off with just steals the fun from everyone, especially me. So please post what you get.


Cat_BOC%20Gif < Bad!!


Hi there! If you want to video you’re unboxing, please feel free to share! If you can get all shown in 30 seconds or less, we may just pick your video to showcase on our social media channels. If we do pick your video, you might just get a free BOC from us. It’ll still be crap, of course.

So there you have it.

  • Prepare for disappointment
  • Post what you get
  • Earn :heart:

And let the waiting begin

A Poll!

Tell me what you thought of your Bag o’ Crap!
1 (hated it) to 5 (loved it!)

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This is probably the best gif ever.


I find some good ones, from time to time
Glad you appreciate them


OH good. Fresh crap… oh wait…


Funniest. Gif. Ever.


Funny story: I turn 42 this month and I STILL don’t crap on ANY of my friends. Woot is only 17 and still can’t keep a single deuce in check.


I’m officially overdue for a BoC! Birthday BoC here i come! :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:



Alright Woot! Let’s do this thing!

  1. Confidential Crap Bag- absolutely love this one, but the logo would have been nice!
  2. Kids size Oklahoma City Thunder NBA Long Sleeve- I don’t watch basketball, but I know the big teams. Who are the thunders? Either way super soft shirt and I will definitely wear it. P.S.I do fit into a large child’s size :grin:
  3. Argyle Socks- noice! I have a sock addiction so those are fun!
  4. Portable Ice Cream Fan- So fun great for this California Valley heat!
  5. Packing Tape- I will hopefully be moving out in the next few years or so, so this will be helpful!
  6. Fittek Posture Adjuster- well this one is interesting. I have a nice back due to my extracurricular (dancing) activity, so this one goes to my dad :joy:
  7. Eos Merlot Tinted Lip Balm- SCORE! Is that how you play Basketball? This one will be nice, lovely tint color and somehow did not melt on its way through the lovely heat wave.
  8. 12V Power Adapter- Can’t go wrong with this one!
  9. Battlesh*ts- hmmmm I’m excited to play but am thinking about covering the poo and flies in resin, and the sheets of paper in laminate. That makes it a reusable game for the rest of our lives! (Muahahahaha! Insert evil laugh here)
  10. Hydro Gel Face Mask- I’m intrigued, fingers crossed it makes my face prettier not uglier!
  11. Mop Heads- for a mop I don’t have. Guess I need to buy a mop so I can actually use them!
  12. Large Women’s Shorts- oddly a lot smaller than they appear. With the drawstring they are a bit big on me but will be great for summertime housework or sleeping.
  13. NFL Cubs Game Cups- who are the Cubs? Well I don’t know but the cups are pretty, orange, and quite useful!
  14. My absolute Favorite- The Sticker! Anyone got the other so we can have a set. I really want to put this on my laptop or water bottle but haven’t quite decided!


I’m still waiting in the Vestibule of Patience for some crap since 10 AM on May 26th. I thought my patience would be rewarded, but still nothing. Should I keep waiting?


Is there going to be a birthday party this year? I haven’t seen anything talking about the big bash that usually happens with BOC’s galore…

All information can be found here:

Woot turns 17!

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Happy 17th WOOT

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Yes definitely - can’t be much longer now… :crazy_face:


I sent a Bag of Crap as a gift surprising (nobody here) they LOVED it!


Well said! +1

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Just got the email about it. So, that was handy! LOL

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I need a BOC… maybe more


Happy Birthday Woot!

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