:w_boc: Post your July 2021 [Woot! Birthday] BOCs here!!!

Happy Birthday Woot!


Happy 17th Woot!

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Happy birthday! I thought you’d like to know I still have a birthday reminder for you on my phone, first created 14 years ago! My how the years have flown by.

Thanks for still making it fun.


Happy Birthday, Woot!! Oh, to be 17 again!

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Happy 17th Birthday Woot! Take pride that you’re still under age!!! Cheers

Happy Birthday :partying_face:

Woot! Happy Birthday and all that crap…

Woot! Happy Birthday and many more!

Woot happy birthday and here’s to meany more!!!

Turning seventeen
Woot is turning seventeen
I really think so

“Woot! Happy Birthday and Lets sale the house down!!!

Woot! Happy Birthday and go wash your hands!

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Woot! Happy Birthday and here’s a poem:

I like to shop on Woot
Your pricing is very astute
I spend very little for my loot
So on your birthday, I salute
Because nobody can refute
Or turn up their uppity snoot
At a monkey who’s so dang cute



Woot, Happy, happy birthday and I would be very happy if I received a special 17th BOC

ALRIGHT! Today was suckin’ pretty hard, but now I got smiles for miles with my (forthcoming) BOC!



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When is the BOC give away? I would like to participate:)

Woot!'s 17th Birthday BOC Giveaway!!! Enter before 7/19/2021 @ 4pm CT


Hey! I got one of that lot too! At first I thought it was a Bowl of Chowder which would have been cool too, but… Yay, BoC! Bring on the disappointment.

One question, though, any letters in these this year?


Happy bday woot and many mkre