:w_boc: Post your July 2021 [Woot! Birthday] BOCs here!!!

The silicone rings look similar to ones that got in an instant pot/pressure cooker. The silicone gloves are for scrubbing dishes,]. The tube looks like a garlic peeler, I have one, it doesn’t work that well.

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Didn’t get a picture in but finally got my first BOC…

  • Woot! Bag
  • Battlesh*ts
  • hearing aid batteries
  • Apple Watch wrist band (don’t have one)
  • Apple iPhone audio adapters
  • decorative cardboard box set
  • hello kitty balloon
  • plastic water bottle
  • XL + XS clothing hangers with nothing on them??
  • 1-inch binder
  • LED light necklace

Thoroughly disappointed, thanks Woot!


Actually got usefull stuff somehow.
A Joyshaper for women
Multicolored cleaning cloths
A bunch of hard reusable straws
Some plastic bottles
Blackhead remover facemask
Woot monkey stickers
Stanley hole punch
A bunch of leather luggage tags
A poop shaped dog toy


Lol someone messed up. I paid for disappointment and didn’t even come close to getting it.

2xUA wicking shirts(sizing even happens to be one of mine and one my brother can use)
Woot off light sticker
Wireless charging desk clock(used for company promos I guess)
Anti-nausea watch(dunno if it works but its $130 :o
Drain brush
5 blade scissors
Scented pencils
Brushy toothpicks(big useful, really)
Dog harness(again very useful)
Echo glow i thought about buying but now I don’t have to :smiley:
And someone just like, threw a roll of warehouse trash bags in there and I luled good cause that’s easily something I’d do

ARV $350


Most disappointing part of any of this is how the push is always far too late to get anything. I just happened to look at random during the woot-off and it showed up well before the push went out.

    • 5 blade kitchen scissors
    • Yellow duct tape
    • Baby bottle
    • Screen protector iPhone 8 Plus
    • Cupcake liner
    • Apple Watch band
    • Travel waist pouch
    • Audio adapter for iPhone
    • Headphone/charger splitter for iphone
    • Sports water bottle
    • Pillow
    • Dust mask

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I just live opened it on TTHH, but here it is in one photo:


The best Box of Cheddar ever! My dog thinks it’s all for her. Wish I could’ve posted the video!

In the box was

Confidential Crap Bag
Dog Diapers
Gin Rummy Game
Phone Case
Dental Floss
Party Favor kit
Bag of Miniature Starfish
Nail Polish Holder
Pencil Case
Fly paper


First BoC since March.


I think my 2nd BOC may be slightly less crappy than my 1st but it’s still plenty crappy! TBH I may use some of the items in there but please don’t tell Woot as I’d hate for their reputation of dealing crap to get smeared.
Birthday BOC Breaking Out Coolwhip:
1 confidential crap bag
1 medium men’s button down shirt
1 women’s collar of red faux fur
10 pack of 3 ring binder photo sleeves
6 cleaning cloths
2 finding Dory sticker packs
1 pack glitter markers
2 audio phone accessories
1 loofa
2 boxes of 2 sizes of kitchen tongs
1 woot monkey sticker
and last but not least, for when you gotta go…
1 box of 6 easi pee disposable In-car Urine bags


Unbelievably great stuff: 500 sheets of printer paper, 200 square feet of Reynolds Wrap, neck pillow for car seatback, travel waist pouch, iphone glass screen protectors and connectors, photo mount cards (?). and best of all, gorgeous noir WOOT “confidential crap” bag, Coach begone! Thanx to toow you, WOOT!


A whole lot of pretty good stuff. Thanks!

Three pics for one box.


#17! Happy Birthday, Woot!

Epic FIRST BOC - my disappointment abounds

Buried Old Cooper


Received my Birthday Crap today:

Confidential crap bag (non-disappointing change from the Abe bag)
Hot Wheels Starships - Star Wars Death Star -Trench Run
45 count artist variety pack (niece loves to draw/color/paint)
Mortimer sticker
Side cutting pliers
Craft knife blades
Board game card sleeves (disappointment in they’re not trading card size)
Roll of heart stickers
Invisi bobble hair ties
Printable label tab dividers
Energizer Max 8 count D batteries
Safari Water Wow (Niece and Nephew love these, Nephew has already broken it in)
6 pack of can koozies from La Casa De Papel
2 silicone wedding bands
Box of paper clips
4 count of 13w light bulbs


Perhaps those bags of “woodchips” are used to keep clothing drawers smelling fresh/woodsy?

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I must have that Perry.

Certified Crap today fellow Woots!

1 Confidential Crap Bag
1 Dress Feather Boa
1 Moisture wicking head band
1 Infant toothbrush
1 Infant teething toy
1 10 pack of dental wax for braces
1 sleeve hot pink plastic Easter eggs
2 secret code invisible ink pens
1 wallet card case
2 packs of bug repellent stickers
1 Mortimer sticker
2 pack of headlights
8 pack of metal straws
1 Hydro Flask lid replacement with straws
2 pill organizers
1 Dog Mom desk plate
9 Iphone converters to have headphone jack
11 iphone X cases
2 iphone xs screen protectors
2 iphone 7 screen protectors
3 pack of right angle cords


Breaking Out Criminals(BOC) from birthday Wootoff. When the box arrived and I started opening it, my daughter said “OHHH, Woot Box of Stuff!!!”. Close enough kid, close enough :smiley:

So it all starts with Confidential Crap bag, that’s definitely something that’ll get used.

Lots of iPhone Crap I won’t be using(Android here).

The plastic cooking utensils and straw lid won’t get used either, guess I’m too old and already have my own stuff. The Fire tablet case though might come in handy, as I have a spare one hanging around. While not a fan of the GUM dental stuff, probably get used just so it’s not a complete waste.

My other picture of the upper right corner wouldn’t upload properly for some reason, guess too close to the crap to deal with it. There is a wooden “mini” card holder, put together and may have some cards to use in it. If it were normal size, I’d love it, but mini…just more crap. The socks may come in handy, but not really my style. Black mask makes me scared. My wife tried it on a bit of her face, and it is BLACK. Definitely not looking to completely cover anyone’s face in black mask though. The tape drape will be interesting to try, my mother-in-law is working on a new house so worth a shot.
The ton of tiny plastic bags may be useful, I’m not a drug dealer so fairly limited. The pistol grip tripod may be fun to play with.

Lastly, this pack of Christmas sequin outfits, looked like they were for a doll, but fairly small doll. We were confused until we noticed “champagne” at the bottom, so there’s a suit and cape with little santa hats for champagne bottles.

Further crap that may never find a use is the hair scrunchy and the travel kit, though my daughter may find a use for them.

All in all a good mix of disappointing crap and some useful stuff. My daughter’s reaction though was probably worth all of the disappointment.