Post your March 2021 Crap HERE!

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Nice. I’m still half expecting it to not work… cause its woot.


My bag has arrived! See it in all it’s glory:

Woot bag
Sequin flipping pillowcase (in silver and white)
Copy paper
Rubber band balls
Ear plugs
Hair comb
Inflatable torch
Glow in the dark stick (broken open instantly by toddler)
Apple Watch band
Electrolytes for birds (it’s what birds crave)
Christmas light bulb necklace
Glitter art set
Changing table pad liners

Not my best crap, but also I can actually find a use for most everything here.


Did it come with a lens, or is it just the body (and $8K value by itself. The lenses can be pricey too, but there are reasonably priced adapters for some other brand lenses if you already have them. I have to admit I had looked that up so that, in case my Borg Overide Code includes an option for “Visible Evidence,” I knew I could use my old Nikon lenses. Then again, since I looked it up and it exists, I will not get a Leica M10 now, but thought I should pass that on.


I got a good one this time! Including a really nice zip up hoodie in my size even! Plus not one 10 year old girls Halloween costume.


Got our Bearing Oversized Cleats today with great disappointment-- there was no letter inside! Besides that, we got a lovely bag, some degradable straws, a kitchen brush, a replacement dimmer knob, some decorative hearts, a glow stick, some cat-toys, a Break the Ice game, some gingerbread ornaments (a little the worse for the wear, and a DADDY t-shirt. We hope someone got a letter, since we did not! We will keep trying to get that letter of disappointment!


Bandits on Call, my first BOC, and I am sad that I am not totally disappointed.

2 large tshirts in a size that can be worn
A comfy sleep mask
A 2 pack of led bulbs
A dust pan brush ( mine was broken)
Small ball pump
A box of USA flash cards , I know someone trying to make their citizenship
A cast iron cleaner- was just looking at these @ BBBY
Roll of painters tape- currently painting exterior of house
Cat pads-yeah, some disappointment creeps in
One fabulous woot shopping bag along with a woot glow stick bracelet
Lastly , not pictured, 1 box of boob tape and nipple shields…if only these showed up a few days sooner the wife could have been making money on Fremont Street, instead of losing it…

Can’t wait for the day to score some more crap, and feel true disappointment!!! :broken_heart:


My BOC from the March 30th Woot-off showed up on Tuesday…

1 Woot! bag in green
1 32 GB MicroSD card
1 Under Armor HeatGear shirt (in my size!)
1 roll of tin foil (useful to block the government’s 5G mind control signals!)
1 pack rubber swimming caps
1 ream HP Copy&Print20 paper
1 sequin pillow cover (classy!)
1 roll :blue_heart: stickers
1 Em :grinning:ji art book
1 “Doggie Don’t”, appears to just be the carrying case
1 collapsible storage bin
1 Woot! branded glowstick (I hear these are all the rave)



Disappointment: 10/10

Thanks, Woot! Better luck next time :neutral_face:


Just saw this ad on Facebook. Is this a win or a loss for targeted marketing?


At least we know the targeted marketing actually works.


But is it working if it targets already happy customers?


Um. Look, I’m not a marketing expert, but I’d say… maybe?


Is there such a thing? :laughing:
I think it goes like this - :dart:


Better late than never. My March birthday cr@p!!!


Good yard shoes. Nice BOC!

That’s amazing! What a clever use!

or beer bottle if you’re desperate.
And Oooooh, on the toothpick holder!

LOL. Better keep your end of the bargain!

HAHA. If you get something that fits, that’s a mistake on our part.

Holy Crapola! SCORE!

Drat, we messed up.


AND caught up on March. Now on to April.


Some good crap! Very minor disappointment. (no disappointment from the kids)
1 Woot Bag
1 Cowgirls in the Kitchen Cookbook (my second edition, maybe I get a free cowgirl to be in the kitchen if I collect 10?)
2 Tongs (oft used)
1 Pencil sharpener
1 roll painters tape
2 mariokart wheels for wii. We don’t have a Wii, but that didn’t stop the kids from driving me crazy.
1 Peppa book (much better than the show, but serious questions raised within)
1 business book (good for the Zoom background)
2 crappy coasters
1 kidsize Anakin Skywalker Costume (got some lightsaber toys free a few days later!)
Frozen cookie cutters
Green bouncy ball
Nipple pads (no more babies in this house - kids played with them instead b/c sticky is fun?)


Bdu pants
Led bulbs
Scrub brush
Trolls thing
Cabinet ties
Glow stick bracelet
Woot! bag
Manicure set
Phone card sleeves
Probably some Iphone crap but I can’t remember, be happy I finally remembered to post this.


Late, but this bag of crap was awesome! Only one thing I can’t use or gift to someone who will use it.

Pill boxes, pin the nose on the snowman game, cookie monster T-shirt, combs, pens, USB splitter (lightning connector), Li-ion charger, Woot! coaster, table tennis balls, punching mitt, temporary pirate tattoos, post-it tabs, air inflation tips, re-usable straw, and finally the famous Woot! bag.