:w_boc: Post your NOVEMBER & DECEMBER 2021 CRAPS!!

Hoping someone can help. Where did my boc go? I was in the middle of buying it and it said confirmed, $10.??, place order, hit it then log in which I was, crash. It’s not in my cart when I got back on.


Have you checked your order history to see if it’s there?

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)


Yes thank you


Awesome! Congrats I scoring impending disappointment. :smiley:


Thank you Woot for a fun digital game BOC. It contains a 3d cookie tree, 4 Fram oil filters, chalkboard, dental floss, dry erase strips, donut bandaids, air freshener, 2 screen protectors, 2 replacement knobs, Sparkle art alien, camera extension cable for ps4, 2 square readers, clear party bags, BOC sticker, and brown bag. Quite a few items going to a 3rd grade classroom treasure chest and friends. Everything has a home, thank you so much, even Ruby was impressed!


Ruby is adorable and needs pets and treats.


Finally able to post my Beagles Operating Cars. I definitely received things unique to me this time around so while I’m disappointed, of course, I’m slightly LESS disappointed than in previous bags. :smiley:

2 Fram motorcycle oil filters
2 hp tri-color ink cartridges
60w led lightbulbs
Set of 5 cookie cutters
Unicorn cookie cutter
Nick’s Sticks (2-pack beef sticks)
4-pack manicure/pedicure set
Apple watch watch band
Pro-Knot instructions
3-pack THC drug test
10-pack Eunicell 1.5v batteries
Replacement knob for light dimmer
Sparkle art
Camera extension cable
Vanish 4-in-1 eraser
2-pack Scotch clear removable mounting squares
Tommee Tippee bottle (1st grandchild born on 11/7 so I’m hoping these will be useful)
Tommee Tippee nipples
6 Reach cleanburst dental floss
? Sticker
? Bag

Link took his opportunity to pose with the loot. :heart_eyes_cat:
Beagles Operating Cars


Link looks amazing and needs belly rubs.


Beagles Operating Cars


Here is my Beligerant Old Coot from the digital crap on 10/30, delivered 11/8 (hey at least I got to it this month!)

  • ? Bag
  • First aid kit
  • Paper reem
  • Glad pressnseal
  • Double sided tape
  • Collapsible storage bins
  • Bob Seger CD
  • Monkey sticker
  • Hair elastics
  • iPhone case

This was totally awesome and full of things we can actually use! 1000% recommend.


Well, that worked out well in the end! I thought I had picked up a BoC (Backs of Cans)
image from the Wootbusters.
but later discovered that I had my order cancelled.
Friday I enjoyed the Happy Hour with @ThunderThighs and was rewarded with a coupon!
which I ended up using today for a free BoC (Blue Oyster Cult)! Yay!
Ready for Disappointment!


Did this work? Got a win right before December! Bluebirds Opposite Canaries~


Apparently my BOC was delivered today, but for whatever reason the UPS person delivered it to my “garage” and not my front door as they normally do for every other delivery. I live in a townhouse and the garages are all behind the houses, non descript, in a row and have no driveway. Only thing behind our houses is the tow truck driver who can tow anything in under 6 minutes and in complete silence. Needless to say, there is no package.

My disappointment was awarded when I got the email saying my BOC has been delivered and then when I wondered when, (since I came in through the garage and was just outside in the front) I check the UPS delivery and see:

Maybe a neighbor grabbed it. Or ran over it. I’ll ask. But my hopes aren’t too high. (No photo in proof of delivery, it just says the same thing lol)


Lmao. :rofl: Riiiight. So many things that are awesome and useful. Like the placemats, or the Silicone Funnels, or the TouCan can opener. Lmao…Too funny. :roll_eyes:

Just like coderunner02’s bag with the amazing Bob Seger CD(Hilarious) and the awesome Glad Press and Seal which is just an awful product.

Some of you are hilarious.


I hope you find it! If not, be sure to write to Woot Customer Service to tell them what happened.


I tried to and then got kicked out and logged back in and then your request didn’t go through :joy:. I’ll wait till tmw. Usually my neighbors are good about giving each other packages that make it to the wrong door.

I’m sure whoever gets my BOC (if I don’t) will have a very WTF experience opening the box :joy::joy::joy:


Ruby looks like a beautiful spokesmodel for The BOC!


Handsome kitty!


My app crap came and I don’t want to brag but I got TWO rolls of Reynolds Wrap foil. That’s like gold around here.

  • Purple “woot.com has the best crap” bag
  • 1st Response pregnancy test (this is hilarious – I just had my fallopian tubes removed because of a cyst and I’ve never wanted kids, anyway. So no babies for me.)
  • 2 rolls of Reynolds Wrap foil (200 sq. ft.)
  • 2-in-1 lightning connector cable thing
  • Glide floss picks
  • Teeth-whitening powder with charcoal (which doctors say is not good to ingest)
  • DRAGONN classic 10-piece tool and gadget set (for the kitchen and looks like a lot of good stuff)
  • “I love you to bacon and back” oinking pig (purple in color)
  • “Ooh la la” hat, scarf, and gloves set (black and white)
  • BOC sticker

Sorry, no dog. She was off to the left munching on a chewy.

I’m pretty happy with what I got, Woot. I won’t ever need to buy foil again, I’ll be warm this winter, and I have more kitchen utensils than I need.