:w_boc: Post your October 2020 Crap Here!!

BOC #3! :partying_face:
This one was a little disappointing honestly. (I shouldn’t be surprised, I know.) But maybe if I were in to roofing or home theater installations, this would have been the perfect box for me…

  • Navy Woot! bag (Yay another color! These are actually really handy.)
  • Bathroom set (rug, basket, shower curtain and hooks)
  • Couple hundred feet of audio cable (weighs over 12 lbs!)
  • 2 Woot! coasters (probably my favorite thing in the box as they are my first Woot!-branded gear)
  • “Let them eat dirt” Book (As a biologist, I’m looking forward to this read.)
  • 2 pipe sleeve cover thingies to seal pipes on roofs (I don’t own a home.)
  • Precision screwdriver set (okay?)
  • Zombie on ice 3D puzzle/car thing (no clue)
  • Pixar’s Up T-shirt (too small for me)
  • 2 phone cases (neither of which fit my phone, and one of them is absolutely hideous)

There you have it folks! Sorry to keep you waiting in suspense!

In the spirit of an early Thanksgiving wish to you all, I am thankful for Woot! and the joy they bring me by providing me with unnecessary crap that I now have to find a home for. :kissing_heart:


That I do! So much room for activities!!


Great job. I’d wondered if the sharp little points would be thumb hazzards. Question answered.

@ThunderThighs I owe you an apology and an explanation. The B0C did arrive after I placed a trace on it. I also got the blow up Halloween dino from your happy hour or two) We have pictures of the crap and the dino is still in the box. I’m thinking of putting a Santa hat on it for Christmas. Why not, right.
So here’s the explanation: My husband (telymanbws) almost died the Thursday before Halloween. Apparently he was suffering from acute kidney failure and Dehydration and went into a state of mental confusion. I got him to the ER and they said it was a good thing we didn’t wait to bring him in. He passed out in the ER and didn’t wake up again until Sunday the 1st. The Dr. said afterwards it was touch and go during those few days. After a week and a half in the hospital he’s home adjusting to the reality of dialysis 3 times a week.
So I’m sorry I didn’t acknowledge the B0C finally arriving or the Dino but things have been a bit hectic here in our household.


Finally found and bought a converter cable, and my Flood Light Works! Yeayyy!!! :tada:

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Egads! I’m so sorry that y’all had to go through that. I’m glad to hear that @telymanbws is doing better and recovering. Love to you both!

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