:w_boc: Post your OCTOBER 2021 Crap HERE!!

BOCs can happen randomly during Woot-Offs (there will be one today in the Clearance section), sometimes during special events, and in the app once a week (I think).

The Woot app (on Android and iOS) runs games on the weekends (Friday through Sunday), and you can find them in the app on the main page down near the bottom. The games go live at Midnight Central Time and offer a variety of rewards (things you can by). If the BOC is offered, you have to try right away because they will sell out pretty quickly. Follow the instructions for whatever game is offered for a chance to “win” (purchase).

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

Help! I can’t figure out when I qualify for crap again…my order history says my last one was in august but I know I received one in September I just don’t know the date.
Can anybody help? I want more crap

You can always try for a BOC and if you’re able to cart one but still within your 31 day jail it will tell you that when you try to checkout. Good luck!!

If you last bought it in August, then you should be able to get one today.

It goes by purchased date, not the received date.

(Please note: I don’t work for Woot, I just volunteer to help out here on the forums.)

You got one via Digital Crap this last weekend so you’re not eligible again until next month.


Thank you! I prefer to keep my crap honest


that really happens? i thought it was a joke. i need to play that more often then.

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Most boring BOC I’ve received, but Melissa and Doug Firetruck puzzle paid for it. Not sure what to do with a package of size Large whitey tighties, but suppose a donation will work since the package is intact. Who can’t use nitrile gloves size L? 6 hearing batteries, partner’s size (unlike the whitey tighties) - always good. Another I-phone adaptor - always handy. 100 6x9 poly mailers - will giveaway to local entrepreneur. 3 poly (hmmmm…. Maybe WOOT is looking into my private life…) 2 pocket folders with prongs. And of course a bag and sticker. Not disappointed, just not video worthy.


My October BOC (button of clicking) ! Disappointment!


I have 2 more days before I can get a BoC. I’ve tried getting some just to see if I’m quick enough. I was, but was told I had to wait :cry:

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Omg I could do use that 100 pack of mesh drawstring bags. Mine will be here in 6-8 days. I’m really hoping for sports hoodies haven’t seen those in a long time. They were nice.

Where are all the elf Christmas books? Did woot finally run out? That can’t be possible😫

There are likely a few more “There Was An Old Woman Who Swallowed a Turkey” floating around.

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My BOC from the pointless push is on its way. Only 5lbs and not the normal 6lb. I’m going with half glass full view - must mean it’s gonna be only one item that’s awesomely fantastic! Can’t wait!!


I was down to my last 5sheets of printer paper. Woot!

and stop telling me to floss, your not my dentist! :crazy_face:


Well, I was going to post my BOC, but…


Representing amidst all the tissue dust


It’s been a while since I was fortunate enough to get a Block Of Cheese, and boy was this one worth the wait! Contents include:

  • “Confidential Crap” bag
  • Woot! mini frisbee
  • “Tasty treats” jigsaw puzzle
  • USB C to A cable
  • “Color Box” pigment set
  • Light-up dog collar
  • Food chopper/cutting board
  • ALL THE BALTIMORE RAVENS stuff (team dish gloves, belt buckle, bracelet, lanyard, bandana, and mini mug)
  • One box for the cats


A BIVY (one person) TENT!

Thanks for 120% making my day/week/month, Woot! Apart from the Ravens stuff and the dog collar, I think we’ll find a use for everything! Can’t wait to crap again (hopefully) soon!


I was ready to be disappointed but I was let down. So I guess you can say that I was disappointed that Woot didn’t disappoint me with my Bag O’ Crap.

The Apple products are $60 on their own.


My long awaited and totally glorious bag of crap consisted of:

1 box jumbo paper clips
1 roll clear trash bags, probably 8 gallon size
1 carbon filter for a diaper genie
1 tommee tippee baby bottle
3 packs of scope floss picks
1 box of 6 hefty gallon sized freezer ziplock bags
At least 1000 tiny ziplock bags for beads or small items and that are never ever used for illegal substances
1 dual deck revolving card holder
1 XL Ezy dose pill planner
1 USB C to USB A adapter
1 hemp USB C cord
1 tempered glass protector for an iphone 11
1 roll of scotch packing tape
1 ream of HP copy paper
1 woot coozie
And 1 confidential crap tote bag

All in all, not a terrible BOC. 2/3 of it will be used, and 1/3 is going straight into the goodwill pile