Post Your Poems!

Just thought it would be nice to read some poetry by wooters. Post your sonnets and your quatrains, haikus and limericks, odes and rubaiyats. Whatever you have, serious or stupid, as long as it’s poetic in some way.

I’ll start with a poem about poetry.

Lies by Eric Luong

I wish a poet could tell lies,
what tales that he would weave!
He might sojourn in the oceans
or the highest heights retrieve.
He’d fly the winds and speak to stars
or dance with candle flame,
or fight against the tide and win,
then write them all the same.

But poetry is always Truth
for flowing from the heart,
in every word the poet writes
his soul will some impart.
He can but mask or try to hide
but Truth it shall remain,
for poets do not have the means
to cloak the joy or pain.

I can but draw from yesterday,
put memories to pen,
or write about the days to come
and dream a dream again.
I cannot lie in poetry
for poetry is true.
If only poets could tell lies…
then I could lie to you.

Here I sit, broken hearted
Derby entry barely charted.

A Haiku:

Newbie enters shirt
Text, no template, concept free
Fogs in half an hour

Just something I wrote really quickly the other day while waiting for Orc to get home and had a sleeping baby on my arm.

Spring Arrival

Peeking through the snow
tender young and innocent
a rare bloom in a desolate landscape
The frost still clinging
Clenched fast on her tender skin
refusing the warmth of the sun

Slowly she looks upward
to the sun, her mother
her love and warmth
nourishes her soul, warms her heart
With renewed vigor of maternal love she pushes
vigorously shedding the chill of snow

Slowly winter is overcome and spring arrives.

More Haiku:

clipart used badly
legitimate use removed
wooters vote it up

cherry blossoms grow
in a country named Japan.
Their cartooning suc.ks.

I believe haikus need to be about nature in order to be considered real haiku, or something like that. Therefore:

silhouette of tree
the epitome of art
so say the voters

I do hope to get some thoughtful works in this thread though, as well as the impromptu haikus. Maybe I hope for too much. :tongue:


There once was a mn for nantucket…

whose walrus misplaced a big bucket

he said with a grin…

It was filled with gin

And if you can’t swallow gin you should suck it.

Somehow I don’t think this is what Mr. Halcyon had in mind when he started this thread!

Well I figured that this would happen in a place like woot, though I’m hoping that there are still a few actual poetic works posted here, rather than just limericks and random haikus bemoaning wootdom. :slight_smile:

In that spirit, I’ll post something else of mine with thought behind it. Shakespearean sonnets ftw!

Knock Me Over

The summer sun, the showers of the spring,
autumnal leaves and winter’s purest snow
all fall to earth, as dreamers without wings,
but farther still I’ve fallen… do you know?
I’ve fallen and forever I’ll remain
as fallen, for there is no greater bliss -
not in the soothing symphonies of rain
nor in the rainbow dance of autumn’s kiss.
The summer heat holds nothing to this flame,
nor could bright fields of snow this beauty match.
In falling, all four seasons are the same,
and in the end it will be love to catch.
I’ve fallen and, still falling, I’ll climb high,
for only in our falling can we fly.

In 4th Grade, my friend and I were teasing Stephen Flaherty about his new girlfriend, Gretchen. Our little “poem” or “taunt” went something like this:

“Behind the boardwalk, with Gretchen Wolfe
Kissing, hugging and making out…
Touching and touching and
“Ooooooooooooh” a baby comes out!”

Heh. To be that naive again…

That may be the worst poem I ever read.

I never claimed it was good…heh.


I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see,
I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see.
When I kill all the whities I see, then whitey he won’t bother me,
I’m gonna get me a shotgun and kill all the whities I see.

Octavio Paz