:w_boc: Post your September 2020 Crap Here!!

Hey Woot… and you thought the mini police uniform was useless.


You okay?

My Woot-off 6.3lb BOC is coming. Unveiling on Tuesday! Stay tuned…

That is perfect! I really do love that.

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Belligerent Orc Caddies, must be a bag toting Ogre for Tiger Woods. But at 6.3lb, that would be a light weight beastie, still likely to be drunk enough to get the job.
We will have to see if the woot gods favor the golfers who got lucky enough to score a beloved BOC this round.

My BOC is arriving next week - I can only hope the world’s worst vape pens will carry over into mine!!!


I, too, am awaiting the 6.3 lb Bundle of Chuckles. It’s due here by Tuesday the 22nd.

I got:
1x woot bag
1x grabber toy
1x salmon colored vest
1x xs underarmor poll
1x unicorn sequin binder
1x poop emoji stress toy
1x command wire hanger set
1x music note bottle opener
1x agents of shield season 2
1x switch cover
2x fluorescent lightbulb mounts


If you don’t receive one and likely you won’t, )because who EVER gets what they want in a BOC???) I can send you one.


Yup. True BOC. We had fun opening it. Experience: 10/10, Items 3/10. Would highly recommend though. Good times :grin::heart: (got some light switch fixtures to replace)

BOC Video

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Star Wars costume: no grandkid right size, Goodwill
Villanova insulated cup: Maybe in the RV, maybe Goodwill, got to many now
Woot bag: it’s a bag, Woot! Woot!
AmiGami: grandkids
Peppa book: grandkids
Monkey: annoy the dog
Round gold table cloth: hey, I can use this, booth table cover
Dish brushes: give to my dishes
Blackish DVD: eh, Goodwill

So, got my $10.81 worth


Buffet Of Crustaceans 585286 from 2020-09-15 WOOTOFF
(Quickest I’ve gotten so far - only took 3 days!)
Blackish 1st season DVD $7.99
Under Armor Mens Tech ½ zip pullover (size Large) $40.00
Sterling tools 4 piece screwdriver set $5.93
JITS iphone charge & sync cable $8.99
KT Tape pro elastic sports tape $9.88
Metallic Collection Panel 54” x 84” printed faux linen blue $12.00 (estimated from similar items)
Face shield protective isolation mask (pack of 10) $14.95
Handy Helpers 2 piece dish brushes $5.99
Flying Monkey $6.99 (This is my 10th BOC and I finally got my 1st Flying Monkey!)
Blue reusable WOOT bag
Estimated total value not counting the bag $112.72
Another very disapointing BOC :wink: :grinning: (NOT!!!)


I’ll be back soon…

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It’s gonna be a great day!!! Just scored some digital crap and I’m so excited!!! Happy Saturday everyone!


I can hardly believe I scored some digital boc today! :w_boc:

My son loves star wars

how lovely are you? We’ll find out on Tuesday, hopefully :slight_smile: thank you for the offer!

My brother and mother will get there BOC today i live maybe 25 mins from them and mines says tomorrow. Does UPS deliver on Sunday?

Sorry Charlie

Received my Bedazzled Oriole Cages today! I got:
Disappointing purple bag
Tan packing tape (useful)
Chilling stones (look nice, will probably give as a gift)
Poop stress reliever (3 year old will probably get a kick out of this)
Agents of Shield Season 2 (donate)
Otter Box brand huge thermos (not sure when I’ll need something this big but good to have I guess)
50x Badge holders (donate)
Shelf pegs (might come in handy?)
Fluorescent lampholder pool with shunt (probably trash?)
Crayola watercolors (3 year old loves this and goes through a lot so very pleased)
Birdies (neighbors have a badminton set so I’ll see if they want them)
Armband for iPhone 6+ (probably donate unless it fits hubs’ phone and he wants it)

Overall a good mix of disappointing and useful, what more could I ask for?