I’ve been waiting for posters for a while! Need more designs options!!

So much goodness everywhere on shirtwoot today!

SQUEEEE! The vast majority of my walls are bare! This is just what I needed! …And I shall not say “WHY DIDN’T YOU MAKE PRINTS OF [insert design name here]”

Make sure to check out the specs on these guys- they’re a little bit bigger than our previous posters AND they’re a matte finish. They turned out really great!

Add me to the list of “holy…this is a FANTASTIC idea”.

I just wish more designs were featured. Even if it turns out to be print on demand like the shirts are. I’d gladly pay $18-$20 for a poster of my favorite shirt. Well not of the shirt exactly. The design. :stuck_out_tongue:

Egad. A poster of Le Chat. I’ve been pondering splurging for the journal and now this. This is even better. It’s like you guys know just how to pry money from my hands.

Ill-gotten Trinkets…:slight_smile:

I second the idea of having designs available on demand as posters as well as shirts, it would be great.

Thanks be to woot and the voters for getting my fantasy poster printed!!!
I’m so excited I’m giving one away on my facebook page!!!

On the float like a robot ali poster… are those robots from a movie or pop culture reference?

Pretty sure it is old vs new Cylon from Battlestar Galactica (old Cylon wins).

Thank you sir.

I was hoping it just came from someone’s imagination, which I knew would be a long shot.

I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say “you need more designs!!!” :slight_smile: I’m partial to the fairly recent “Baking Bread” design

How do these ship?

I would like to petition for a “Bats!” poster!

They’re shipped in tubes. Hope that helps!

They should release Trooper Target Practice on smaller/cheaper paper so we can buy packs of it to ACTUALLY shoot at. :wink:

Holy Boats! I saw the pulsing ADD TO CART button on my poster and got nervous since I hadn’t ordered one for myself yet, so I ordered it and BOOM!- now it’s sold out!

Do they print more or is my poster just done- That’s amazing! Thanks for buying it everyone!

Congrats on nailing the first poster sell out.

Love the poster idea, but I also have to throw in a “need more options” vote. Might I suggest the “Only Memories” design? That’s one of the few designs I’ve seen that I couldn’t bare to have on a shirt, but would love to have on my wall.

Thanks for all your hard and lovely work, Woot!