Pot Racks & Wine Racks

I was actually looking for a pots-and-pans rack last night…based on my smallish kitchen, the half-circle wall rack will work best…I just hope that all those companies selling the Cuisinart unit don’t realize that if they turn it upside down, they can ask $20 more for it…

There is a slight discrepancy in the listings for the ‘36" dual track pot racks’. It can be found under the specs tab of the black colored one. In the dimensions it says it is only 23" long instead of the 36" it should be. It’s listed correctly under the ‘features tab’, just not under the specs tab. I realize it’s only a minor typo, but it can make a huge difference to someone who is looking for one that can fit in a specific area of their kitchen. And rather than reading the entire listing as they should, they only look at the specs tab to find the rack’s dimensions. So they then THINK they are ordering one that is only 23" long because of the typo, but instead will be getting a rack that’s actually over a foot longer. So, that little typo has the ability to create a larger mistake for someone not paying full attention to the entire listing as they should prior to purchase. Hope this helps.

Nice catch. Thanks so much for pointing it out. Sending it in for fixing now.

Details such as maximum hanging length would be super helpful for those of us with rather tall ceilings…some of these would be so cute in my kitchen, but not if I have to climb a ladder to get to my pans :slight_smile: (like this cute model: Concept Housewares PR-40530 Iron Pot Rack 16"x24" - Black) Just knowing that I get 24 links doesn’t really help much…

The WR-40701 wine rack is $31 with free shipping with prime on Amazon. Not much of a deal here. …

20" X 22" is NOT a square.

Just a little note…not worth a whole lot…but…the “Concept Housewares PR-40232 Rectangular Pot Rack 36” x 18" - Wood" Pot Rack is not $229.99 anywhere I looked. The price seems to be $149.xx. Wayfair.com has it for $149.24 with free shipping. It’s still a savings here but not as much as it would initially seem. Incidentally, Barnes & Noble and KitchenSource both have it in the $170’s so that makes it a pretty good deal here…if you purchase your housewares from B&N or KitchenSource…kitchenSource I understand but B&N???..“Hey, I need a kitchen rack. I think I’ll go to the book store & look for one!”

Square-ish just didn’t look good in the title.

List price isn’t the most common selling price on the market. It’s a the price that the manufacturer thinks it’s worth - the suggested retail. Our vendors supply this figure as part of our purchase process.

Additional functionality now legal in Colorado.

The photo of the Concept Housewares PR-40200 36" rack shows 6 hooks for hanging cookware. However, the specs indicate that it only comes with 4 pan hooks. Six would be great but 4 is a little on the light side. You can purchase additional hooks, but in checking the price of these, be prepared to pay about $10 for each hook! I’d like to buy this rack, but ten bucks a pop for additional hooks makes it a deal killer for me.

Eagle eyes! We contacted the vendor and they report:

The product comes with

2 Swivel Hooks
4 Pan Hooks
2 End hooks

We’re fixing the sale.

The post above made me look more closely at the Concept Housewares PR-40904. The description says 6 pot hooks and 6 S-hooks. The picture shows 4 pot hooks. Could we double check please? I may need to re-evaluate my order…

Double checking! At this point, my guess is that the specs are the same as what ThunderThighs posted above, but I’ll post for sure when I know.

The vendor says this model does in fact come with 6 Aluminum pan hooks and 6 S Hooks.

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the double-check!

No problem, I’m happy to help!