Potastic 6Qt 10-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

Potastic 6Qt 10-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker

So is this an “instant pot”? I know nothing of them except for every female I’m friends with on FB has seemed to have gone ga-ga for “instant pots” over the past year or so.

If so, is this a decent one? Decent price?

Its a knock off of the Instant. Looks just like it. Instapots are not really that expensive.

Looks like it has mostly good reviews on Amazon, although it did not make the top 10 list on one website.

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This is not a Instant Pot but very similar. Almost all multi-function pressure cookers are coming from 1 or 2 China manufacturers. Instant Pot is the market leader and spend lots of money on social media such that their price is a little higher than others.

I wouldn’t call it knock-off. They are essentially the same with small tweaks here and there. We have this one and many of out friends have instant pot. The only thing I don’t like instant pot is that it doesn’t have a “start” button. It took us a couple of hours to figure out how to cook rice in a mountain lodge during Christmas vacation. We haven’t used this enough to compare it with instant pot but it works just fine.

Does this one have the sous vide feature?

I couldn’t find any reference to it on their site or on the Amazon listing.

Does this come with a non-teflon stainless steel inner pot?

Yes. Inner Pot is stainless steel.

No. It doesn’t have sous vide feature. I haven’t seen any pressure cookers with sous vide feature. Sous vide requires moving water to maintain consistent tamp. which is very hard to add to a pressure cooker.

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Thanks. Debating between this and the Insignia which I would have to purchase a separate inner for as I am anti-teflon.

i got this for Christmas and I love it! My friend accidentally poured butter inside of it and it still works great - very sturdy and easy to use! Definitely has all the features I was looking for. Six quarts makes A LOT of food!

We own the 6 quart Instant Pot Ultra and bought a 6 quart Instant Pot Lux to give as a gift this past Christmas. They were both on sale at the time of our purchases ($99 and $49, respectively) so this particular model here at Woot is right in line as far as price goes. In fact, if this one didn’t have the Potastic name on it I would have sworn it was an Instant Pot. Honestly, regardless of how many brand names are available, there are really only a few actual manufacturers of these with only minor cosmetic alterations and functional tweaks between them - simply put, they all basically do the same thing.

Since I don’t have any experience (or ever even heard of) the Potastic brand then I can’t say how their customer service or company longevity will be as time passes. However, if you are wanting to try one of these cookers, then this price appears to be in the ballpark and is neither really good nor incredibly bad for what you get.