Potlicker Kitchen Wine & Beer Jelly (6)

This company is great! I’ve ordered from them and also received some as gifts. The dark beer ones are great in a caramel beer popcorn recipe. It’s not listed here, but they sell a pinapple habanero jelly that is great over cream cheese and spread on crackers. AND their customer service is amazing!

Is this “Peanut Butter & Jelly” jelly? Or “Lamb & Mint Jelly” jelly? both? neither?

I’ve just never heard of beer or wine jelly before.

: puzzled :

I’d lean more toward the savory side of things, as in, not my PB&J.

I bought a previous offer and have been using it 1) on crackers with goat cheese as a savory appetizer, and 2) as a glaze on grilled meats.