Potlicker Wine and Beer Jams (6)

Potlicker Wine and Beer Jams 6-Pack
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Apricot Ale Beer Jelly, 8 oz.
Black India Pale Ale Beer Jelly, 8 oz.
Oatmeal Stout Beer Jelly, 8 oz.
Burgundy Anise Wine Jelly, 8 oz.
Rosemary Garlic Chablis Wine Jelly, 8 oz.
Cabernet & Cracked Black Pepper Wine Jelly, 8 oz.

Normal jelly-making procedures call for bringing the batch to the boil for some time, and this would be expected to drive off any alcohol in the mix. My question is: do these jellies actually contain any alcohol or not? I’m not sure I would want to have an alcohol-containing jelly around for the kids to get into.

Could this be the first time Wine.Woot has sold anything IPA / Ale related ?? Imma a looking and Imma liking

No alcohol content left after the process and it’s diluted with sugar.