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Why is no SquareTrade offered for 7 Qt mixer but it’s always there for the 5.5. Thanks

Good catch. Checking.

UPDATE: Fixed!

Been thinking about getting a mixer, and just now about to move to a place that has room for one.

Should I get the 7qt or 5.5? When would I ever need 7qt capacity?

Any quality differences between Cuisinart and Kitchenaid?

Hey woot__ Why are you describing the Kitchenaid 12.5 skillet as a “nonstick” skillet? I know you folks are probably pizza, burrito and fast food aficionados, instead of people who actually cook, but you should know the difference between a pan that has a brushed stainless steel surface and a pan that has a nonstick cooking surface.

I would say unless you intend to do double batches on a regular basis, the 5.5qt will do just about everything. I make bread and everything else in mine just fine.

Also, I have a KitchenAid (and LOVE it), but Cuisinart makes a solid product too, so it’s really personal preference - or whichever’s cheaper. If you ask me.

Two loaves of bread (probably about 8c flour) was the most I could fit into the 5.5 qt without the dough climbing up the hook and getting into the gears. With a batter you could probably make a much larger amount.

So the 7 qt should do about 3 loaves of bread at once.

I wrote a big response about these mixers last time I saw them, but I can’t find it right now.
In short, I like it and it works very well, but the attachements (blender, juicer) are poorly rated. I have not used them personally. However for the price of attachments for both the Kitchenaid or Cuisinart, you could buy a separate blender.

Any way to find out what the widest slots on the knife block measure? I have two chefs knives that measure 2" and 1-7/8" wide and need a block that will accommodate both.

Checked and we didn’t get samples for this. I’m sorry.

Thanks for pointing that out. We’ve removed that reference from the sale.

Has anyone tried or found any info about that 12" skillet? I’d like a good stainless steel skillet, but All-Clad seems to be the standard and I’m wondering how this guy stacks up. I’d rather pay extra if All-Clad is a significant improvement since I figure this will be a pan I’ll use for a long time.

All-Clad would be a significant improvement, but you would be required to pay a significantly higher price for it.

I recently purchased the Guy Fieri knife and I love it. It arrived nice and sharp. The size of the handle concerned me when I first opened the package due to it being thinner than it appears in the pic. After several uses it proved not to be an issue and it is now my favorite out of all my culinary knives.

I’m seriously considering getting a mixer, but I’m wondering how the refurbished model holds up. I saw on the Coffee and Tea sale, several people had issues with Cuisinart not honoring their 90 day warranties. Is it worth getting the Square Trade warranty, or does Cuisinart uphold it’s 90 day warranty on mixers?

I was going to get the 5.5 or 7qt. mixer. I really wanted the 7 but didn’t want the white. I had it in my cart for the longest time before deciding to buy a vintage Hobart- Kitchenaid K5-A. The only reason I didn’t pull the trigger on it was the lack of the Square Trade availability until this sale on the 7qt. If the old 5qt I bought doesn’t work out I will be getting the 7qt. here with the Square Trade. It’s a real bargain. I have read hundreds of reviews and this is one of the top mixers on the market and this is a great price. Refurbs have been gone through and should hold up better than new. IMHO. The price of ST for a year seems reasonable. If you are using it and something is going to go wrong you know you have some extended coverage, and I never buy any extended coverage for anything but these mixers can take a real beating if you are making a lot of dough, whole grain or pizza ect.

Just changing the grease and a gasket in my old one right now and hope to test it out tomorrow. Good luck with your choice.

Farberware 12" stainless steel with lid is the standard and relatively cheap.

Sistema Food Container - 21 Cups

Is this for 21 pieces, or 1 piece size holds 21 cups?

I’d guess 1 piece holding 21 cups. I have the microwave steamer, which is 13.5 cups and smaller dimensions. By the way, I bought a bunch of the Sistema steamers, and no regrets so far. Not always the easiest to snap, but everything so far has worked well. If you don’t want to steam, works well enough to cook things like pasta in the big steamer they’re selling now (I’ve done it). I might buy another, debating.

Took a trip to the Sistema site and it’s one container with a capacity of

5L / 169.07oz / 21.13cups

Woot should know the difference between a “Watt?” and a “What”?