Potty Jotty





A coffee table book for those who live in studio apartments!


Really, Woot? A book of crap?


Well, I guess this Woot off is running out of steam.


Might as well just put a chalkboard on the wall, just like the local watering hole.


This is great on a Wintery morning, when I wake up with nothing on but a pair of French cut panties. The airy paper allows the cool crisp air to caress my body, invigorating it or the day to come. The fabric feel great against naked skin, buffing it of impure thoughts, which will soon be committed on paper. I usually take off the cover when it rains because nothing is more refreshing that fresh morning rain caressing my body in the gentle Winter breeze. Then I’m ready to tackle the day.


Talk about a Captain’s Log…




I’ve had many Captain’s logs. And a bunch of Seamen too.




What is this?


Can I upvote???


I can’t believe you just copied what I wrote in that book you keep in your bathroom, and posted it on Woot as your original work!


Just think of it as a sign in book for your shitter. A guest book, like at a wedding!


After so many nights together, you should know by now that I feed off you … mind, body and soul.


ps … I’m a man.


Ah ha… lol. Only in the US of A.


I’m a Pirate!