Poulan Pro 20-Inch 2-Stroke Gas Chain Saw

**Item: **Poulan Pro 20-Inch 2-Stroke Gas Chain Saw
Price: $129.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Condition: Refurbished

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Did not see the typical disclaimer in the details about not being able to return a gas-fueled item such as this chainsaw.

Good catch, I’m letting the guys know. :slight_smile:

UPDATE: All fixed. Thanks again!

Some additional info and solid reviews (3.9 out of 5.0) can be found on the product page

Let’s check out a video [youtube=vV8PzzviX_Y][/youtube]


Sorry—but I bought this Poolan chainsaw in 2012 and used it once for about 3 hours. I have had many chainsaws (I’m 68) and consider myself an educated user. It was not abused. It would not re-start. I tried to return it to the retailer and they wouldn’t exchange it…said I needed to work with Poolan. Poolan sent me to an authorized repair shop. They refused to work on it and said to ask for a new one. Poolan gave me the round-a-run…these are not ethical people. Buy another brand!

I bought this exact chainsaw in August 2012 for ~$200 and have used the heck out of it. Decent weight, lots of power, auto-oiler, tool-less adjustments. I’ve dropped a number of 30" diameter trees and trimmed up about 200 yards of lilacs with equal ease. Always starts on 1st or 2nd pull for me. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I’ve abused this saw pretty well.

One caveat—I see no mention of the great storage case that came with my saw. Stores 2 cycle oil, extra chain, bar oil and saw perfectly. I would not buy the saw without the case.

So, Woot Mods—Does this deal include the saw case?

I live in Idaho. In Idaho we know our chainsaws, not because of the zombie apocalypse, but because we have forests, lots and lots of forests. This is the worst chainsaw I’ve ever used to cut the forest. In fact it really can’t cut any forest. It might be able to cut a few branches off small tree’s in your yard but when you are done it’s going to leave a mess of oil wherever you store it. The thing is cheap, cheap, cheap. The chain falls off every time I use it and I’ve never been able to tension it properly because the chain tensioner is made of cheap plastic. The oil drip for the chain continues to drip oil when it’s off & adding insult to injury, the gas tank filler cap gasket deteriorated after about a year from contact with fuel so now the thing leaks like the Concord. I have nothing but hate for this thing and it will never save you in a zombie apocalypse. It is designed to give the zombies the advantage which makes me wonder? Was it designed by zombies?

The video below shows what an average chainsaw buyer/user thinks about the performance and value of the new Poulan Pro chainsaw. It seems he likes the saw and loves the value.


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Ya know why they call 'er a Poulan, eh?

'Cause ya gotta pool-on it and pool-on it and pool-on it to get 'er started!

I made the mistake of buying a Poulan leaf blower. My experience with it has been universally negative, and it wasn’t a refurb. I have absolutely zero confidence in anything by Poulan. Just my personal experience.

Unfortunately, there is no case with this chainsaw deal!

I have a 16" and an 18" pro, the 16 being pretty old and they have both been good saws. Easy to start if you don’t store gas in them. The one caveat is both have quit oiling and I haven’t been able to determine why.

This is a lot of saw for the money and is a pretty big saw. I have a 20" in another brand and this isn’t a trimmer, it is a log cutter. It has some good reviews at Northern Tool and sells for $200.

I have two of these. Between both saws I have put maybe 300 hours of operations on them. They always start on the first or second pull. If you regularly maintain these they will last a long time.

Read a lot of reviews on this saw. Looks like a great saw, unfortunately, its not as great of a deal without the case. A case of similar quality as the one that the new saw comes with is ~45 which then puts this saw into the same price range as buying a brand new unit. Much better option then a refurbished unit. If you don’t need the case then it’s a super deal.

I have the Poulan Pro 16 and 18", and have had them both for at least 5 years. I believe the 18" is 8 years old. NEVER had a problem with either one of them. Like any small engine now, it is EXTREMELY important to use STABIL (preferably STABIL MARINE) with EVERY fill-up. The Ethanol in the gas tears up the carbs in any small engine, fast. Ethanol (alcohol) eats fuel lines and seals and attracts alot of water. I keep the tanks full, or completely run empty using proper fuel/oil mixture AND strong Stabil dose, and have never had an issue. It will leak chain oil, but not ridiculous amount. But never had an issue with the chain tensioner, or starting. I would not hesitate to buy another Poulan. Just take care of them, and they’ll take the abuse.

Very decent saw out of the box…open the fuel adjustment screws out a little more from stock and you’ll have and excellent saw.