Poulan Pro Factory-Reconditioned Gas Chainsaw

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Poulan Pro Factory-Reconditioned Gas Chainsaw
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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To start this brand of chain saw you just keep Poulan and Poulan, and Poulan.

Then, buy a Stihl or Husqvarna, or other real brand.

Simple, eh?

A Factory Reconditioned chain saw is basically just like Brand New… really the only difference is that all the blood & fingernails & other stuff were professionally removed and then the saw was sanitized and repackaged.

Some very troubling reviews here…http://www.poulanpro.com/products/chain-saws/pp4218av Oh yes, these reviews are for a brand new model…not a refurb and not reconditioned.

Remember this is not a refurb, but rather a factory reconditioned unit. If factory reconditioned is a good deal, why does Poulan offer only a 90 day warranty?

You could do worse and buy a McCulloch, that’d be the only thing between it and the bottom of the barrel.

I’ve got this brand of chain saw and it starts right up every time.

Why don’t you give us a review on the chainsaw? Please tell us how long you’ve owned it, how frequently do you use it and what you like and/or dislike about it. What you say would be very helpful to people who may want to buy one.

I say ignore the naysayers and buy this item. They are going to be the first to be eaten when the zombies come.

I’ve had one I bought at Lowe’s over 10-12 years ago and it’s been a surprisingly good chainsaw. ALWAYS cranks easily. I did have to replace the bulb, fuel lines and filter last year due to drying/cracking but that is to be expected. Only other issue is that the fuel cap has gotten extremely tough to take on and off. I just use pliers. All said, it’s been a great little chainsaw and good bargain.

I’m sure they’ve changed since I owned one, but I had a McCullough and a Poulan I used years ago. The Poulan was always easier to pull, but not always easier to get running. Once it was running, the bar would constantly loosen and throw the chain. The McCullough never did that. The Poulan did seem to oil the chain more effectively, though.

FWIW, I was cutting cedar with both of them. If I had my choice, I’d go with a McCullough over a Poulan; that said, my next chainsaw is going to be a Stihl.

Does it come with a case ?

Great chainsaw. I’ve had one for about 5 years. I’ve taken down many sizable trees - probably the largest was an oak with a 12 to 15 inch trunk. It starts every time and cuts like butter. Love this saw and I’m wondering if those that can’t seem to start it, know how to read directions :).

For $85? Seriously?

I bought another 18" version (poulan pro avx)of this saw about a year ago for about 90 bucks as a respiffed unit from Oliie’s. My take, this saw sucks. Hard to start and doesn’t run long (stalls out easy when not being used). Bar feels flimsy. Chain dulled after one tree was cut down, had to resort to an axe to finish limbing the tree to drag it off.

the pros, its cheap, it adjusts easily (chain tension), and it self oils.

I have a poulan pro that I bought about 10 years ago at lowes (looks extremely similar to the one pictured). Use it about once a year for cutting down random trees and loaning it to friends. Starts up very easily each time and runs great. I’ve replaced the plug once. Cuts well, quick adjustment feature on the side is nice, and easy to find replacement chains (Stihl).

The trick with this and any other two stroke motors (gas and oil mix) is to COMPLETELY drain and then run the fuel out of it before putting it away for a week. The oil and the ethanol will gum up carb.

I had tons of problems with two stroke engines before I did this and now all my equipment starts first time and runs great.

I have a 16" that is over ten years old, and 18" that is 3 or four years and a Husq 20" that is a couple of years old.

I paid about the same for the 18" and certainly got my money’s worth. Starting was never a problem as long as they weren’t stored with fuel in them, and power was great. The reason that the Husq. cost twice as much and the Stihl cost 4x is they are tougher saws and last longer. Both the Poulans need some work - self oilers and something else on the 18". If you are not cutting big trees every day and need an occasional saw this is a great deal. I have cut dozens of trees with all 3 and the 18" has cut some pretty big trees.

It is NOT a professional saw. If the chain went dull in one tree it is either defective or was cut in the dirt. Dirt/sand ruins a chain in seconds.

I would recommend this to anyone who just needs an occasional tree cut, and empty the fuel between uses, and follow the starting instructions.

Bought one last time on here. Mine was seriously used. Still had wood chips packed in the chain area. It would not run good. Was tuned very bad at reconditioning place. Had to buy a special 30$ carb adjustment tool and tune it my self. Runs okay now, but seems to be very cheap compared to the other Chain saws I’ve owned. Would not buy another unless they were under 50$.