Poulan Pro Factory-Reconditioned Gas Chainsaw

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Poulan Pro Factory-Reconditioned Gas Chainsaw
Price: $84.99
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Condition: Factory Reconditioned


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5/31/2014 - $84.99 - 32 comment(s)

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My dad dropped one of these from near the top of a full grown fir tree- the case cracked but damn if it didn’t run for 20 more years. These are durable.

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my grandfather cut trees for more than 20 years. poulan saws are good. husqvaurna are great. he had a jonsenred he used a lot.

I bought a reconditioned Homelite 18" saw last November for just about the same price. I believe they (the Homelite and the Poulan)are exactly the same saw, or at least very close. I got my monies worth out of that saw already and it always starts in 2 to 4 pulls or less.

Understand that this is a light duty saw, but if you take care of it you will easily get years of good service. As an example, I purchased my first 18 inch Homelite almost 20 years ago and it still runs today (it was also a reconditioned saw). If this saw was a car, it would easily show 500,000 miles on the odometer.

Simple steps to longevity…

*Drain your fuel, then run the fuel out of your carb.

*Use Sta-bil in your fuel.

*Go easy on the saw and use properly sharpened or new chains.

*Did I mention to drain your fuel?

The Poulan of your grandfather and the Poulan of now are not the same Poulan. The name brand has changed hands a few times. Poulan Pro is a division of Husqvarna now…but these ain’t your granddad’s Husqvarnas either.

For 85 bucks, it’s hard to go wrong. But don’t expect this saw to match what your memory serves up. They can call it “Pro” if they want, but you won’t see professionals using these out in the woods or much of anywhere else. Fine enough for a light/medium duty chainsaw for around the home, but that’s really all it is.

This refurb deal at Woot! is in line with or cheaper than refrub deals on the same saw elsewhere and is around half the cost of the same saw new. Not a bad deal at all for an “around the home” class of saw.

um. a refurb computer ok. refurb chainsaw… something that takes arms, legs, fingers, … heads… off? I think not

Don’t know if it fits this saw, but look into power sharp chains/bars. Sharpen your chain on site in a few seconds. Super cool.
Maybe woot could offer these???

I think you’re using it for purposes for which it was not originally intended. I’m sure it would do all of that just fine, though, even though it’s refurbished…

Does this include the case and extra chain that come with the retail ones?

I bought a new very similar Poulan chainsaw at Sears. The very expensive case is sold separately, the chain too. By the way I’ve never seen a chainsaw with case sold together. You can buy a separated generic case to save some $.

You have to know that these are made by the same people that make “Husqvarna” chain saws . Albeit a cheaper version.

My son-in-law recently purchased one locally for $100 and came with the case too.

Actually, how IS this with arms and legs? Asking for a friend.

Does anyone know the weight and power rating of the saw?

You do realize a factory refurb goes through more QA than most brand new products right? Most brand new products go through a batch QA where one in X is inspected completely. With a refurb every product is. inspected.

It weighs 13 1/2 pounds.

Can anyone of the Woot gods answer as to whether or not this really does come with the case and extra chain? Every retailer that I can find who sells this saw has it all together. This is one of the few Woots I have seen that doesn’t have a “What’s in the box” section!!