Pounding Away





ha! Randyotter rocks another one: great expression + the sentiment made me laugh.


So is he thinking about his headache, and saying the skull and crossbones? Or vice versa?


That’s what you get when you don’t wanna work. You can’t just bang on the poor drum all day.


Poor little drum. I bet his friend Jim Bay has the same problem.

(How’s that for word play?)


I have always thought (because I’m crazy) about how if drums were real, they would really hate being banged on with sticks all the time. I’m glad there’s finally a shirt to represent the minority that is drums.

I feel for you drums, I really do.


Bang the Drum All Day


Am I the only one that thinks he has the same face as Stewie Griffin?

Gif of Stewie

[From Thunderthighs: Sorry but that file size was a bit large so I changed it to a link]


This should be offered as a night shirt for my wife.


I LOVE the “I have a headache” with drums pictured with it… that’s smart ass humor I love.

BUT, I’ll never buy (or wear) something that has eyes on an inanimate object. You completely lost me on that one, and I’m seeing it happen more and more on this site.

Stop it people… lol


The best thing for a headache is Head On, and the best way to start a headache is a Head On commercial.



Hehe. Cute. The skull-and-crossbones touches take this shirt from “meh” to “adorable”. -x] The baby-blue color makes it look like a kid’s t-shirt, though. I would buy, like … a onesie with this on it, for a drummer friend who had a baby. Or a small shirt for a toddler. -:] Hmm~, now if only I had friends who were drummers …


I’m love the blue on blue color!



As someone who suffers from pretty bad headaches, and who drums, I had no choice but to snag one.


As someone who was on colorguard and on the same bus as the drumline, and as someone rather prone to headaches, this shirt very much personifies some of my game day mornings.


I may never forgive you for getting that slogan in my head…and I didn’t even play the video.


As a complete band geek (who sits right in front of the percussion section in band), I’m going to have to suck up my aversion to woot’s sizing to buy this. :stuck_out_tongue:


My son made the middle school percussion team and will be wearing this often.