POV 720P HD Video Sunglasses



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POV 720P HD Video Sunglasses
$69.99 + $5 Standard OR $8 Two-Day OR $11 One-Day Shipping
Condition: New

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He’s wearing a wire!


Is this real life?


Great for the hunter or fisherman in your life.


Now we can have first person video of opening our Bag of Crap


It would be so much cooler if it played video, like in Back to the Future: Part Two!
Otherwise these just seem like they’d be good for making… certain kinds of films.


I wonder if this is light enough that I can take this apart and put it on my crappy RC plane


Has anyone ever used these? I’m going on a trip and they might be useful for recording hikes, atv tours, etc.

Edit: If they were $40 I would have just bought them.


I think I’m going to kill myself… all this tome waiting for the roku and I missed out… life is not worth living any more

. :frowning:


tempting for my motorcycle, but I’m thinking I would have to wear a different helmet.


Also great to get those little brothers/sisters to spy on their older siblings. Video evidence to use as blackmail against them :slight_smile:


Not a deal. I can get those for $19.99 and free shipping from China.


Funny that the SD roku sold out WAAAAYYYY faster than the HD ones they’ve sold. I wonder if people were reading the description or if they just saw the price and clicked I WANT ONE!


$69! Not a novelty and not a GoPro Hero.


How much light does this remove before it hits your eyes? I’ve been looking for a pair of sun glasses for my car and this would be great to have a dual-purpose device.

Seems like these might not remove enough light because the picture shows the lenses and they don’t look very dark. Does say polarized so you never know.


35 frames per second? That’s a little non-standard, isn’t it? How would it pulldown? Even a 240Hz set isn’t a clean integer multiple.


what is the other purpose of your dual-purposed plan?