POV Action Cam Sunglasses

“The built-in lithium-ion polymer battery will provide between 1.5 hours of recording time.”

Yes but how FAR between 1.5 hours of recording time?

No comments and the “elephant in the room”? Are these waterproof?

From the 1080p black action cam page:
[*]Water and sweat resistant

I can certainly think of one use for these.

When I see POV I think of one thing only.

Does anyone own these? Wondering if a full face visor would impact the recording. I.E. Would the camera focus on the visor versus what’s past it.

A Song of Ice and Fire books? Yeah, me too

Great for driving in nyc

Is this a good price or a superior brand? I saw some on ebay for $55 buy they’re straight from China and I’m not sure if they are “quality”.

Higher end ones…



What is this bullsh*t??? $119 original price? These sell for $15 + free shipping on eBay–directly from suppliers/distributors. EXACT SAME ONES. They come straight from China.

I’ve actually purchased a pair some time ago and they’re trash. Don’t expect to wear these with a motorcycle helmet–they’re bulky and clumsy. Battery life is a joke. If you have a small head, they won’t sit properly on your face–arms are not spring loaded. They’re heavy as well, so they’ll fall off easily if you move your head too quickly.

What a scam, Woot.

$15 huh? Where’s the link?

The 1080p sunglasses I found on the 'bay were all $56 and up, ~$80 looked like the median. In for 1, I’m OK with paying a little extra for shipping from the US + the 1 year warranty.

The lower-end ACG20 model (640x480) has some less-than-stellar review back at the mothership:


But the AGC50 itself is $127:


I’m thinking about grabbing a pair of these and wearing them while I referee soccer games. With 1.5 hour battery life it’d be cutting it close. If I got a portable USB battery charger how much charge could I get in 10 minutes at half time?

  1. If you’re running Windows 8.0 forget this- doesn’t support it but you don’t find out until you read the microscopic instruction sheet.
  2. there are two rubber buttons that control mode and other actions…well they are help in place by friction only-both popped out in just normal handling.
  3. Previous comment above noted they aren’t adjustable to head size and are bulky…right on both counts.
    They’re going back to Woot

You cannot be serious.

You go to www.ebay.com and search for “spy sunglasses,” or “cam sunglasses.”

Here’s one:

You REALLY need a set of these to video that elephant in your room!!!