POV Sport-25 720p Recording Sunglasses

Oh, sweet! Oakle…oh.

I feel like I’ve seen that logo somewhere… just can’t put my finger on it… hmm…

Doesn’t work with OSX?

It’s a camera that shoots in AVI… I’m going to guess that it does work.

Don’t quote me on that though.

Anyone know how wide the field of view is?

ROFL. I stopped myself from doing the exact same thing.

love it.

Anyone else think that Maxwell Smart would be proud!!!

I love this product, but have no real use for it. Doesn’t mean i’m not considering buying it, however . . .

I’ve looked around for the answer to that question. I think this is the same camera. It says it’s OS X compatible. My guess is yes. However, I haven’t been able to find any reviews.


Couldn’t resist.

I kinda just wanna buy these so i can constantly record everything on short adventures. I got a feeling this is a lot of how those “DO YOU CARY A CAMERA ON YOU AT ALL TIMES” videos are made…

If susanrm is correct, the answer is yes. And that link also answers my question: 72-degree field of view (the gopro is 170 degrees for comparison)

Older models say yes, so I don’t see why not. They may even ship with headphones.

This is a nifty product, but I can’t justify the cost right now.

Worst specifications info ever.

Any idea if they’ll hold prescription lenses?

How much memory does it have?

This looks like a cool gadget, however I’m saddened that there is not an accompanying “Woot Actual Field Test”. Tempting to purchase anyhow.