Power Advantage Trunk Organizer and Cooler

Trunk Organizer and Cooler or Bag_of_Crap with a Flying Monkey?

first to say… xmas gift for somebody…

How did you know I need this? Woot, have you been looking in my trunk again?


Just checking out your junk…

I have this exact item (got it from Groupon sometime last year). It’s not super sturdy, but does its job (storing random crap in your car/trunk).

The “cooler” however, is a joke. It’s basically a rectangular fabric lunchbox with insulated lining. It will not keep anything cool unless you have ice. In that case, you probably already have an ice chest of some sort… which defeats the purpose of this fabric cooler to begin with.

I guess it’s useful if you transport your frozen TV dinners from the super market… and don’t want them to thaw too quickly on the way home… :expressionless:

How is this better than a cardboard box?

Amazon users seem to like the design but differ over its quality. Some say that they regularly carry their grocery in the organizer from the car to the home. Others, however, say that it breaks quickly even sitting in the car.

who said it was?

Lol. You have my vote for Quality Post.

Yeah. It’s cheap enough. Good gift for random uncles, aunts, cousins etc. I need about 10. I guess I need to create some alternate identities so I can buy more than 3.

Barely 2 feet wide. Clearly designed by someone without kids.

Looks perfect for my misc. sports equipment (shoes, mask, glove, etc)

I bought a similar one for my car a few months ago. I don’t know why I never did it sooner. I love not having those plastic grocery bags open and move around my truck. Mine doesn’t have a removable cooler though. That would be nice for grocery runs during the hot summer months.

Amen to that! I was on the fence about ordering one, but then I saw the Walk-in 3 tier greenhouse and had to have one :wink:

So according to your product picture, that would make Mortimer a trunk monkey?

Well it is collapsible, which would be useful when placing oversized items in the trunk. Typically, cardboard boxes lose their functionality when collapsed.

I was considering purchasing one of these until I read the description, which has little to do with the product. 14yo boys don’t own cars, so you might want to reconsider your marketing target.

Does it have Velcro or anything on the bottom to keep it from sliding around? If it did, I could see it being somewhat useful.

Sold out now but good idea none theless. I might just have to add some velcro to my cardboard box that the other user suggested. :slight_smile: