Power Air Fryer Oven 6qt

Power Air Fryer Oven 6qt

I got one of these in a previous sale. I absolutely adore it, but mine was only 30$, so I don’t know if I’d recommend this price.

-It’s closer to a toaster oven, though the circulating air gets frozen food nice and crisp.
-The rotisseire is nice, but small enough that I don’t have too many uses for it. It will not fit a normal sized chicken (Don’t trust anything that says it will!)
-The unit is very loud. Sounds like an airplane going off.
The dish-washer safe bits make it pretty easy to clean.

Over all, a nice thing, but I’m not sure it’s worth it at that price point.

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It works like a charm on Cornish hens and just last night for the 2nd time I followed the recipe for bacon wrapped pork tenderloins. Just use a meat thermometer to make sure it has the right internal temperature.